Adshares (ADST): Revolutionizing Advertising Technology

The present advertising technology landscape is extremely obscure and fragmented. Considerably too many mediators stand between advertiser and publisher. It makes incompetence in charges while intermediaries fees consume huge portions of the publishers’ revenue.

Part of the problem that makes this fragmented business is that there is no one standard for connection between advertisers. The Adtech industry is attempting to secure such types, but the prevailing model of Real-Time-Bidding is remarkably expensive and does not balance well.

The main purpose of the Adshares project is to provide several ad exchanges obsolete by creating an open platform that will allow advertisers and publishers to obtain themselves and trade directly utilizing blockchain.

What is Adshare Network?

Adshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market intended for programmatic advertising. Adshares produces greater transparency, less fraud, and decreased costs for all market associates. Adshares Network operates on ESC Blockchain and applies Adshares Tokens for ad fees. Charges obtained from processing payments are disseminated amongst token holders.

A real-time auction to ascertain a buyer for each single ad request is both expensive and inefficient. It drives advertisers to impulsively buy impressions because there is inadequate time to evaluate them accurately. It considerably raises the price of infrastructure because RTB operations must work under strict response time compulsions.

Adshares network is based on a dissimilar model of the market. Each advertiser makes an account on blockchain and connects it with their domain. An advertiser applies Adshares API to define the list which he yearns to advertise. A typical entry will involve creating content like banner, text, video, various information about the expected audience and, of course, cost. It is up to the advertiser to determine which data is delegated public and which is to remain confidential.

Publishers utilize blockchain to find advertisers and crawl their inventories. When a user views the publisher’s site, the inventory database is parsed to see the banner with the greatest expected payout. Before presenting the banner to a user, a script reviews if the banner is precisely the similar as the one agreed in the inventory.

Adshares ICO

Adshare’s ICO operates on the Ethereum platform which utilizes an innovative method that allows token buyers unique security and at the same time regulates the incentives of founders with those of token-buyers. ICO’s release funds after a set time and minimum origin of financing arrive.

There is no established deadline on which tokens are distributed on this ICO. Preferably, the ICO contract issues tokens continuously and saves all the gathered funds inside the contract, gradually delivering them to the ICO creator. Anyone not satisfied with pace or other perspectives of the project development at any moment resale a user’s tokens to the contract at a rate defined by the formula. To promote advanced assistance, the price of Adshares Tokens will gradually rise with the number of tokens in circulation. Cost of token will be linearly proportional to the number of excellent tokens.

The Adshare Team

The Adshare team is composed of recognized experts in different fields. The company is founded and lead by Jacek Zemlo and Dr. Leszek Rychlewski. Both have an extensive background in software development and advertising.

adshare team

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  • May 29, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    Great article, I’m a bit disappointed that I missed the ICO, but at least now I’ll manage to get into the race for a master node @ 20K tokens!


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