AELF may hit $1 this year as prices rise for the 2nd consecutive week

The token AELF now gained for the second day in the row. It moved up by 6.59%, but after a week, the price dropped by almost 35%. The token got built on a cloud-based multi-chain platform that allows every smart contract to run their blockchain. As of the moment, it’s trading at 0.57 USD. It is also gaining against more significant cap coins like the Ethereum and bitcoin that moves up against them at 7.47% and 3.92% respectively. It now has 250 million units in the circulation that places it on the 77th with a market cap of more than $ 140 million.

According to a report by the AELF last March 18, they indicated lots of improvements on the ecosystem of the token that aims to make it scalable, secure, stable and more efficient. The CEO of the company had the opportunity to share his insights on the blockchain with Airbnb and Uber’s software engineers.

They added the EFL to the two crypto exchange platforms Cointiger, and Btedo and the e-wallet Coinomi added to its system the capability to hold EFL tokens. It can bring a lot of exchanges that trade EFL to open up opportunities for users on these platforms to purchase and access EFL tokens without the need to move to another platform.

There was an increase in the number of followers on the cryptocurrency’s AELF, discussion forums, and social media platforms. They are looking to capitalize on these gains through launching their official channels on YouTube and Instagram. Chen Zhuling of AELF got interviewed in different platforms in the past two weeks. It reinforced the public’s increased interest in the token.

One of the most active countries in the cryptocurrency market is South Korea. They have more than 50% of the global trade volumes, and AELF was able to enter their market. To get the AELF, they partnered with the most significant crypto fund in the country called Hashed. Their team includes experts from the crypto industry’s various facets that Simon Kim led. He is a passionate evangelist of the blockchain technology that organizes a community in South Korea where they exchange blockchain ideas. They also added EFL to the exchange platform called GOPAX that is currently the most reliable and fastest crypto exchange platform in South Korea. It is also one of the 20 best in the whole world.

AELF is continuously looking for opportunities to expand their team that saw the addition of the UK based Dennis and Ethiril Furrer. Their team comprises of technology experts. They have whitepaper details about the used technology that can create more confidence in the future of EFL token among the investors.

AELF pushes for the adoption of the blockchain technology at the global commercial level as well as their entry into the South Korean market. Their cloud-based blockchain network gears towards this goal. Because of the addition of a South Korean business expert who once worked with McKinsey and company named JB Lee, they also became set to help AELF to create new partnerships that will accelerate the growth of ELF in Asia. The token wants to leverage their resource segregation capabilities like what every smart contract has in their blockchain, development and governance model and cloud-based scalable nodes to allow token holders to vote in the selection of representatives and decision making.

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