AirSwap (AST): A Peer-To-Peer Decentralized Trading Ecosystem

People are used to traditional market transactions wherein consumers pay in cash, check or even online; and the merchants would receive the compensation in due time. There used to be a moment when investment merely means an investor give a sum of money to a specific insurance company on a monthly or quarterly basis and wait for at least ten years before his/her savings lay eggs.

On the other hand, people have never stopped innovating and revolutionizing the way we live. Aside from modernizing the way we do banking, we now have different ways to make transactions without having to go through the standard procedures that usually include long wait, filling out forms, or even compromising our private information. Gone are the days we have to shed money on using third party companies to help us carry on transactions as we now have cryptocurrency market. It has expanded its operations, and it is transforming almost everything.

And even with all the convenience cryptocurrency has brought us, it seems that innovation will never end. Developers keep on finding ways on how to make things better.

Airswap is a new decentralized exchange project designed with security and privacy in mind. The firm intention is without question to present user’s whit a peer-to-peer exchanging platform throughout the world. The exchanging platform doesn’t have trading charges as well as intermediaries. Airswap is a Hong Kong-based company has just lately made news headlines from integrating with additional players in the cryptocurrency industry such as Fortress hedge account supervisor Michael Novogratz, who accompanied the AirSwap panel of consultants. It is additionally a combined endeavor with Consensus, who are the top developers powering Ethereum.

Investors may say that with so much possibility AirSwap offers, it is worth keeping track. The plan is created to become a worldwide token industry for Ethereum tokens, but one particular that is operated by search. The goal is to make it a decentralized trading platform and do away with the requirement for intermediaries.

How AirSwap Works

Remaining a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Airswap focuses on security, equity, visibility, as well as stability as its main features.

When you visit their website, you will undoubtedly see the tokens that can be traded as shown below:

Protected: Some trades are subjected to abuse, front-running, and attacks. Airswap puts users in managing their investments due to the fact they keep 3rd parties away in maintaining cryptographic resources. Trusting third parties to hold cryptography has its considerable threat, and Airswap has sorted out this issue.

Privacy level: The blockchain technology is formulated as a Peer to peer value exchange engineering. Airswap via the internet makes use of the equal strength of the blockchain as the friction-free system, throughout the world obtainable, helping exclusive as well as a risk-free trade in between colleagues.

The objective: The actual world’s leading tokens are generally on the Ethereum blockchain, protected in addition to decentralizing by a layout.

AirSwap was constructed for a decentralized long term, taking on the dynamics of blockchain as an allocated method. Users stay in charge of their resources and deals are resolved immediately amongst peers, without a third party or any broker.

The Team behind AirSwap

With the possibilities it offers, it would not be surprising that it has got an excellent team with impressive backgrounds.

  • Founders

Michael Oved

Raised in Lost Angeles, he is a seasoned dealer who invested a one-fourth of his personal life at Virtu, in which he assisted to create and also develop the company’s Asia procedure to an effective IPO in 2015. Holding a degree in Mathematics, he finished school at Carnegie Mellon.

Don Mosites

Don is a sequential business owner, merchandise developer, and full-stack expert. Having over ten years of expertise in buyer web, interpersonal games, massive data, in addition to marketing technology, he’s constructed products and systems for organizations such as Zynga as well as Google. He’s from Pittsburgh and like Oved, finished his degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon.

  • Engineer

Deepa Sathaye

Deepa is an expert in economic investing systems as well as infrastructure improvement. She offers half a decade of expertise constructing usable items and seriously examining information. Deepa got a Master of Science in Financial Engineering from the University of Illinois and did wonders as a software engineer at Clearpool Technologies in her early career. Her personal life is full of adventure as she also loves rock climbing.

  • Strategy Expert

Sam Tabar

This expert boasts 15 long years of experience in Finance. He worked for Bank of America as the Head of Capital Strategy. He also labored in Japan’s Sparx. Tabar is an active member of New York State Bar.

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