Akropolis As The Decentralised Pensions And Savings Infrastructure

The Akropolis is considered to be the largest pension infrastructure in the world. The idea is to create a decentralized pension platform, for the people and by the people, hence solving the problems in the pension field. Since the life expectancy of many countries has gone up, it is tough for governments to keep up with the pension funds and in many countries pension funds are in deficit. Even in the case of developed countries, pension funds won’t be in deficit, but the government put forward a lot of obstacles before one could get their hands on their pension money.

Based on the World Economic Forum, the pension gap has already reached a huge value of 70 trillion or more than as of 2015 and is still increasing at an alarming rate. The life expectancy of our world keeps on growing as humanity is unlocking more and more medical achievements day by day. It means that people are living more time than they are in the past. It has made pension schemes more and more inefficient as they have to cater to more and more people than they used to in the past.

What is Akropolis?

Akropolis strives to address the pension dilemma by developing an infrastructure globally and a sector-specific blockchain agnostic protocol with good industry players as main partners. The Akropolis project is all set to create the largest alternative pension infrastructure in the world. They are into building the largest decentralized pension platform in Blockchain. It is a sector-specific blockchain agnostic protocol. Since Akropolis is using Blockchain platform, transparency is their main value and almost goal.

The Akropolis Team

Anastasia Adrianova is at the CEO and Co-Founder of Akropolis. She worked as a senior advisor in the firms like web3 foundation and Lehmann brothers. Kate Kurbanova is the co-founder as well as the head of community development. She has also worked in major companies like Cindicator as the head of analytics. Sandra Wu is the senior advisor to the chief executive officer as well as the general counsel. She was the Head of Legal and Chief Compliance Officer in Mercer Fund Formation and Weil Gotshal. She also managed Private Equity in Kirkland & Ellis. Peter Robertson is the pensions lead. Aylon Morley heads the business development department. Abhimanyu Dayal is the head of the strategy.

akropolis team

How Does Arkopolis Work?

One might think how Arkopolis can solve an issue that many governments and corporate giants can never solve. Their usage of Blockchain technology and decentralized platforms has earned the curiosity of governments and corporate giants and has become interesting enough for them to take a look. Arkopolis is designed as a two-layer system in which one of it known as off-chain and another is on-chain. Data are stored in the Blockchain. The difference is that the off chain data is going to be stored in a private database whereas the on chain data are going to be stored in a public database. By operating in dual layer architecture, Arkopolis has managed to gain high efficiency. The dual layers have the following functions. The public database will provide data storage and processing for account-keeping kind of process; the private database will contain corporate and personal pieces of information. This kind of advanced thinking has helped Arkopolis to come at a secure as well as a surprisingly cost-effective solution to this pension problem. Following are the five agents that will be present in the ecosystem; Individual User, Pension Funds, Fund Managers, Asset Tokeniser and Developers.

The AKT Token

There are two main tokens in the Akropolis platform. The AKropolis external Token (AKT) as well as the Akropolis Internal Token (AIT). The Akropolis External Token (AKT) is a token which is on fixed-supply. AKTs can be used for onboarding and platform access, purchasing premium services on the platform, purchasing platform data and Staking various platform incentive mechanisms. The Akropolis Internal Token (AIT) is an independent token which abstractly represents an arbitrary stable coin.

 akropolis roadmap

Roadmap And Potential

The Akropolis project has been backed by Kinetic Capital, one of the biggest as well as the most prominent Blockchain investors.. It is an auspicious sign for them as investors like kinetic capital have chosen to invest for them. It is very much promising as well as interested investors. A prototype has reportedly been completed before the token sale, though it hasn’t been made public. In Q2/3 their MVP is expected to be trialed, with the hope of onboarding users, fund managers and institutions late 2018, for full platform release in 2019. With the kind of partnership, leadership and the investors that they have the future for Akropolis is looking nice and bright. Those who want to invest must do in-depth, profound research of their on before investing.

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