Alethena Empowering Investment With Swiss Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency

Alethena is the first Swiss blockchain asset rating agency. It is developed by a Swiss company known as Equility AG. The Alethena project aims at providing users with a new service for evaluation of ICO projects. Alethena has gained a reputation as an agency that conducts a comprehensive evaluation of ICO projects and posts ICO monitoring.

Alethena project offers a current rating for initial coin offering (ICO) projects and constant monitoring of their effectiveness. It allows investors to have access to a personalized information portal for a paid subscription. It provides them with comprehensive information on the projects, the history of their investments in projects, targeted advertising and data on their participation in tokenized voting within the system.

The goal of Alethena is to make advancements in cryptomarket by making investments sustainable both in the short run and long run as well as making it transparent. The Alethena project is still being developed, and the existing core element is a prototype of a due diligence methodology which allows for evaluation and rating of initial coin offering (ICO) and posts ICO projects. The evaluation of ICO projects consists of the following;
– The technical aspect of the project.
– The commercial aspect of the project.
– Management component.
– Legal aspect.

Alethena’s Rating Four Pillars

 Alethena Four Pillars

Alethena aims at being the leading technology that will shape society in the coming decades. The internet has played its role in ensuring that information is democratized over the last two decades. On the other hand blockchain technology aims at democratization of values. Blockchain may not solve all the problems facing society, businesses, and organizations, but the span of possible applications is almost unlimited. Since the blockchain technology is in its infant stages, it is essential to promote the sustainable development of this promising technology.

In order to follow with their own rules of transparency, they provide the details of the project Alethena after this. The name Alethena is a combination of the words Aletheia which means goddess of truth and Athena the goddess of wisdom. It reflects how Alethena is deeply committed to improving the cryptomarket.

The Alethena project is aimed at reaching all investors in the crypto world irrespective of the investment amount. This business model is likely to attract investors who believe in the idea of transparency and long-term sustainable development in the blockchain space.


Alethena Roadmap


Technical Challenges
Comparable to the first generation of the internet, the second generation promises to interrupt enterprise models and alter industries. Contrary to the internet blockchains are open, distributed, inclusive, secure and immutable. Alethena technical set up incorporates the backbone of every blockchain project and requires implementation.

Business Challenges
Alethena market review is one of the most vital components in the valuation of startups as organizations and projects mostly do not have any measurable results in the form of income statements and balance sheets. It is essential to consider how startups are positioned regarding competition whether they enjoy a first mover advantage with their product if they are already facing stiff competition.

A hefty risk characterizes Alethena purchase like any other purchase of ATH tokens. Before participating in this activity, one is required to assess the potential dangers critically. One is advised to consult the services of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and tax professionals to be informed of the extent of the risks.

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