Fake Crypto Reviews to End as Revain Utilizes Blockchain Technology

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhhsjo6t64Q People nowadays usually check Revain platform before they immerse themselves into the vast and exciting world of crypto technology. It is indeed a wise idea to make researches a daily habit and stay updated or alert on the latest happening in the current market space. As we can observe today, most of us depend […]

Revain A Review Platform that Breaks Fake ICOs

Initial Coin Offering plays an essential part in the world of crypto-startups. More traders and investors are getting involved in this kind of digital venture. However, ICO investments are risky. Because of low walls on token sale entry, the market has been unfortunately afflicted by some ICO scams. Most ICOs are faked and made intentionally […]

Revain Updates Dashboard with Over 100 ICO Projects

The leading unbiased review blockchain has officially announced the addition of 175 cryptocurrency ICO projects on their dashboard. With that being said, Revain (RVN) custom mechanism ranks all the cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) project based on the popularity and the users’ impressions. In the meantime, RVN users can join the cryptocurrency platform’s ongoing 1,000,000 […]

Easy Guide to Revain Trusted Platform for Online Reviews

Revain has two digital currencies- RVN and R tokens. Though created with different features, both of them are made to address the issues present on imperfect user-review protocol. One of the complications associated with the mentioned industry is that most customers lost their trust in online reviews. They believe the majority of the feedbacks are […]