Ankr Network To Bring Distributed Cloud Computing To Trusted Hardware

The Ankr Network is a start–up cryptocurrency platform that uses the Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) in principal hardware; cloud computing is a trillion dollar market and is monopolized by some of the biggest technology conglomerates across the globe.

Speaking of Distributed Cloud Computing, DCC is a newly built technology which enables principal hardware to work on numerous calculating tasks that can be utilized for different purposes.

With that being said, the Ankr Network offers an innovative blockchain solution which addresses the current hindrance of the mass business implementation.

The Special Features of the ANKR Network (ANKR)

The ANKR Network provides a computation resource – efficient blockchain and an integrated data feed ecosystem that leverages both the cryptographic primitives and reliable hardware. ANKR is the very first cryptocurrency project to leverage both the blockchain and principal hardware.

With that being said, here are the following unique features of the ANKR cryptocurrency platform:

  • Peer–to–Peer (P2P) Payment System
  • Personal Credit System
  • Real–World Assets Tokenization System
  • Scalable Blockchain Framework via Plasma Side Chains and Shards
  • Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) Platform – Is a user-friendly infrastructure exclusively designed for business applications.
  • 6th Generation Central Processing Units (CPUs) with Intel Security Guard Extension (Intel SGX) – Intel SGX allows app developers to build barriers to protect sensitive data from malware and suspicious access. Plus, this particular feature also preserves the confidentiality and privacy of the said data on the system.
  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) Consensus Protocol – This unique feature makes use of the CPU’s electricity for useful work tasks instead of wasting the electricity and computing power of hashes. The PoUW approach unlocks the massive potential of idle computing power across the globe by providing incentives where computation contributors are compensated and get rewards for generating blocks.
  • Seamless Interface of the Native Oracle Service – The Native Oracle Service (NOS) authenticates the data feed system by leveraging both the cryptographic primitives and the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Via the standardized application programming interface (API) to harbor data from existing sites, this feature connects real-world business data of existing internet solutions to the on – chain entities.
  • Multi–Chain Supporting Consortiums – This unique feature enables various applications to handle app– specific Smart Contracts on individual sidechains, this avoids transaction from overworking the PoUW–based parent chain; the parent chain provides a native authenticated data feed system for off–chain data solutions to relay per child chain.
What is an ANKR Token? 

The ANKR Token serves as a utility token and native payment system that is issued by the Ankr Network (

With that being said, we have indicated the complete details of the ANKR token:

ANKR Token InformationMetrics
Token TypeERC – 20 Compliant
PlatformEthereum (ETH) Blockchain
MarketCloud Computing
AcceptsEthereum (ETH)
PrototypeAlpha 1
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)No
Additional Token EmissionNo
Legal ICO PlatformNo
Restricted CountriesChina, Canada, South Korea, North Korea, Barbados, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen, and USA
Team LocationUnited States of America (USA)


ANKR TokenDistribution
Private Pre – Sale30%
Team and Advisors20%
Public Sale5%
List of ANKR Network (ANKR) Licensed Exchange Sites

Users can buy, sell, and trade ANKR tokens on the listed exchanges below. Just select an exchange site that honors fiat currencies such as USD, etc. and trade ANKRs with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, etc.

ANKR tokens are currently transacted in the only licensed exchange site as of the moment:

ANKR Licensed Exchange SitesANKR Trading Pairs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Ankr Network team has officially announced that there are no other licensed exchange sites that honor the ANKR tokens (except for the above-mentioned site) for the time being.

Take note that the existing exchange sites that claim to accept the trading and exchange of ANKR coins are fake. Do not attempt to transact with the said platforms to prevent phishing.

The Team behind the Ankr Network (ANKR)

The Ankr Network (ANKR) has formed a diverse core team of experts to build a structure where everything will work simultaneously and without any type of restriction that might hurt the potential of the cryptocurrency project.

Without further ado, here are the key people behind it:

Core Team

ankr network team

  • Chandler Song – Co–Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Stanley Wu – Co–Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Ryan Fang – Co–Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Song Liu – Chief Security Engineer
  • Yan Xiu – System Architect
  • Wayne Tu – Senior Software Engineer
  • Giacomo Ghidini – Senior Blockchain Researcher
  • Quanlai Li – Blockchain Engineer
  • Hanping Lin – Blockchain Engineer
  • Stephen Liu – Blockchain Researcher
  • Christina Jin – Marketing Director
  • Rahim Noorani – Business Developer
  • Michael Cheng – Senior Engineer Intern
  • Megan Wu – UI Designer
  • Yongjia Duan – UX Designer
  • Yige Liu – UI Designer
Board of Advisors

  • David P. Anderson – Technical Advisor
  • Ramsey Hanna – Legal Advisor
  • JZ Zhang – Technical Advisor
  • Christel Quek – Marketing Advisor
The Ankr Network (ANKR) Roadmap Plan

The Ankr Network (ANKR) aims to bridge the gap between the blockchain and the real–world by establishing permission – a free framework which can support an ecosystem of decentralized autonomous applications (DAAs).

We have outlined the development progress that the core team has accomplished since its official launch:

Q4 2017 – Q1 2018

  • The Ankr Network core team conducts its extensive cryptocurrency project research

Q2 2018

  • Proof of Concept has been released
  • Private Sale has officially began
  • Whitepaper has been officially released

Q3 2018

  • Prototype has been officially released
The Ankr Network (ANKR) Project

The Ankr Network (ANKR) pursues to build a supply efficient blockchain – based cryptocurrency framework that provides user – friendly interface for business applications. Given that intention, here are the upcoming projects that the cryptocurrency platform has in store for its users:

Q3 2018

  • Public sale to begin anytime soon
  • To conduct a Testnet (test network)
Future Project/s
  • To promote the Universal Basic Income (UBI)

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