Aphelion: A Revolutionary Blockchain P2P Exchange Solution

The disruption of the blockchain technology and distributed ledgers alongside their smart contracts to multiple business industries has become an argument for modern-technology experts. This reason has become a vision for a team of talented and skilled professionals to develop a decentralized application called Aphelion. They aim that the public and related industries will embrace this new technology as the most secure solution and could prove much more significance to the emerging cryptocurrencies.

Aphelion – A Decentralized Platform

By design, Aphelion is a decentralized application or DApp that runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. It is open source, autonomously operated, and is not controllable by a single operator or any other entity. The Aphelion (APH) cryptographic token will be stored in a decentralized public blockchain. Consensus Node installation conclusively derives a value for the application.

A NEO dBFT Application

Aphelion will be developed on NEO as an eco-friendly, open source, fully decentralized digital asset application creating the most secure and decentralized application for digital asset allocation. It will allow users to transact a DEAL P2P and independent of the exchanges, trading platforms and the challenges they produce. This new platform is a tokenized DApp protocol.

According to NEO founder, Da Hongfei, NEO is the best platform to design a scalable network because it supports accelerated development and deployment of smart contracts. It also allows developers to build on programming languages that are familiar with them. They also provide several advanced languages in the form of a compiler. Aside from.Net and Java, they will also support Python and Go in the future that can ultimately cover more than 90 percent of developers. Compared with Ethereum, NEO’s development has a more stable learning curve and shorter learning cycle, providing a fast introduction to projects.

Challenges and Solution

Many blockchain projects insist on being a P2P  Decentralized Exchange (DEX), but there are very few developed as dApps, completely within blockchain technology. Others are centralized clients to server processes depending on, and organization’s hardware and exclusive software. And some are protocols that require integration into existing centralized exchanges to operate accurately. Aphelion visions to be one of the pioneers of DEX residing entirely within the blockchain as dApp, needing only an open source user interface to access data and control smart contracts to transact digital assets.

Aphelion’s innovation token-driven DApp permits for peer-to-peer asset sharing and smart contracts via a DEAL and resolves the issues that are preventing current exchanges and platforms. The solution is to abolish the centralization of those mechanisms by enabling users to establish their own smart contracts deliberately and exchange digital assets on their terms in an open source, secure, fast and genuinely decentralized process directly on the blockchain. The Aphelion DApp and protocol token will surely work for latency, frozen or stolen assets and definitely, free crypto trading forever.

Aphelion Technology

NEO Platform:

This blockchain enables administration of smart assets in a valid, secure and legally binding way through the help of technologies such as P2P networking, dBFT consensus, digital certificates, Superconducting Transactions, and cross-chain interoperability.

Digital Assets:

A programmable asset in the form of electronic data is called a Digital Asset. The digitization of assets can be decentralized, secured, trackable, highly transparent, and free of mediators with blockchain technology. On the blockchain, users can register, trade, and distribute various types of assets such as BTC, ETH, NEO and XRP to name a few.


2017 has been a year of success to the whole team of Aphelion. They had completed the Roadmap Plan for the previous year and will further enhance the development for tomorrow. Below is the project guide for the year 2018:

Q1 2018 – A NEO Year Begins

  • Full dApp development commences
  • Cross blockchain transactions
  • Solve for liquidity verification
  • Marketing continues
  • Exchange registrations begin
  • Audits
  • APH traded on exchanges
  • Launch initial version Aphelion DApp
  • Aphelion dApp community development & growth
  • Continued market analysis
  • Champion advancement of the NEO smart economy

2018 and into the future

  • Continue to build dev team
  • Build brand loyalty & create raving fans
  • Expand market reach to all continents
  • Leverage partnerships to promote innovation and integration
  • Achieve preeminence

Aphelion (APH) Token

Aphelion token is called APH. This currency represents a new kind of digital asset distribution. Working as a digital escrow or Liquidity Verification Device (LVD), the Aphelion token concurrently obtains terms from buyer and seller, settles the proposed smart contract, directly verifies liquidity and resolves the DEAL. Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (or DEAL) is advancing P2P by avoiding the exchanges into a direct and genuinely node-based decentralized ledger. APH tokenized DEAL is a protocol DApp lodging directly on the blockchain, consequently bypassing exchanges and conceding APH to be the Liquidity Verification Device and conclusively unlocking the commitments of instant, secure and absolute decentralization.

Buying and Trading Aphelion APH

Aphelion APH can be purchased on the cryptocurrency exchanges, Switcheo Network. It is not presently attainable to purchase alternative cryptocurrencies such as Aphelion instantly using U.S. dollars. Investors trying to trade Aphelion should first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum utilizing an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as GDAX, Gemini, and Changelly. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase Aphelion using one of the exchanges as mentioned above.

The Aphelion Team

The Aphelion Team is composed up of a global network of successful entrepreneurs, experts, and visionaries with proven recognitions in blockchain technology, finances, economics, marketing, security, software engineering, and development.

Michael Jaltuch

Michael is one of the founders of Aphelion. He also founded Linear Method, where he has leveraged for 20 years of practice in the software industry identifying, scoping, leading, and performing custom software application development for a wide range of clients and complicated processes.

Ian Holtz

Ian is another founding member at Aphelion. He brings a unique variety of agency, large businesses, entrepreneurial achievement, and high tech across industries. He is at present leading video and blockchain tech companies and also, the founder of Orion Technologies.

Joe Debuzna

Joe is currently the Software Architect and VP of Engineering at Aphelion. He is also HVR Software’s VP of Engineering.

Andrew Morrell

Andrew is the Lead Software Engineer at Aphelion. He is also a Senior Android Developer at Charles Schwab. He acquired his MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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