Introduction to Ark (ARK) All-In-One Blockchain Solutions

What is Ark (ARK)?

Ark (ARK) is a fast, delegated proof-of-stake cryptocurrency which serves as an intermediary of blockchains. Not only that, but this digital currency is also an open source, a decentralized ecosystem that is specially designed to increase digital currency user-adoption of blockchain technology.

ARK serves as an intermediary between different blockchains; this enables it to interconnect and generate events to come across. It is a platform which has addressed the usability and scalability problems that are present on other ecosystems.

The Ark (ARK) cryptocurrency is made with a purpose to create an ecosystem where individuals and businesses can build their very own blockchain. This is made possible by the provision of ARK clone where users can launch their blockchain in just a few clicks!


The Special Features of Ark (ARK)

Ark (ARK) claims to be one of the fastest cryptocurrency networks today. Here are its distinctive features:

  • Interoperability feature – Ark (ARK) boasts to be the platform that has addressed the issue of disparate blockchain networks like Bitcoin (BTC) and Etheriuma (ETH). Disparate blockchain is the network where cryptocurrencies operate separately to one another.
  • SmartBridges – this ARK feature enables blockchains to communicate with each other via Encoded Listeners – trustless traders who carry out and keep track of decentralized operations through the blockchain; for instance, a specific activity needs something from a chain, the Encoded Listener will act as a trader of the transaction
  • Alternative programming languages – This crypto platform is integrated with alternative programming languages which are excellent for user-developers. As of the moment, ARK already supports the following programs: Python, Elixer, RCP, Java, .NET, Go, Laravel/PHP, TypeScript API, Ruby, Nucleid, and Swift iOS.
  • Block times that are faster than 10 seconds which processes transactions in an instant.
  • Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) – ARK operates through a system where users have the freedom to vote for delegates who will verify their transactions; it will cost 1 ARK to cast a vote and 25 ARK to become an official delegate – the one who verify transactions by operating a node – however, only the top 51 delegates can check and confirm transactions. Furthermore, to vote for several delegates, a user must have several wallets as well – 1 wallet is to 1 vote – however, votes are evaluated base on an ARK wallet balance.


What is the Potential Price of Ark (ARK)?

Ark (ARK) has officially forked from Lisk – access power of the blockchain – and conducted an ICO between November 7, 2016, and December 11, 2016. Some users see ARK ICO a failure since the crew only raised 1,200 BTCs out of the 2,000 goals.

The goal wasn’t achieved, so ARK offered a refund for the ICO participants, the majority of users refuse the offer since they have 100% trust that the core team can pull anything off.

In case you are wondering what the potential price of Ark (ARK) for the time being is, here are the complete details that you need to know:

ICO Price: $2.38216 USD (0.00030976 BTC)

Market Cap: $240, 013, 501 USD (0.00030225 BTC)

Hourly Change: 1.94%

Daily Change: 2.57%

Weekly Change: -4.32%

Volume (24 hours): $777, 919 USD (100.95 BTC)

Available Supply: 103.1 Million ARK (ARK)

Circulating Supply: 103, 049, 006 ARK (ARK)

Total Supply: 134,299,006 ARK (ARK)

Total Ark Coins Raised: $942, 593 USD


Where to Store Ark Coins and Tokens?

There are different options on where you can store your Ark coins and tokens (the easiest way to store these are the wallets provided on their official website), here are the following options that you can choose from:

Official ARK coins wallet – this wallet contains a 25-word passphrase back-up which requires users to pay 5 ARK coins for every word added via an exchange.

Desktop wallet – it is easy-to-navigate even for non-techie users; to open a desktop wallet first, go to the ARK Github site then click “Download Desktop Wallet,” you will be redirected to the repository. When you are in the Github, find the “Downloads” section; Select a wallet that is compatible to your operating system; Once the file has been downloaded, click “Run,” ARK will start installing and will automatically be opened; the coin price information and the network will appear.

Mobile wallet – specifically optimized for mobile devices but has the same functions as the desktop wallet.

Hardware wallet – Ark cryptocurrency is supported by Ledger Nano S – a highly secured hardware wallet, it is based on robust safety features for cryptographic asset storage and digital payment security. With this ledger, users can now securely store ARK coins and tokens even when they are offline.


How to Vote for a Delegate?

How to Vote for a Delegate

Desktop wallet users are required to vote for a delegate, here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Fund your ARK wallet.
  2. Send the ARK coins that you bought from your selected exchange to the public address provided in your wallet.
  3. Click the “Votes” tab.
  4. Click “Add Delegate,” a pop-up will appear where you can choose to cast a vote from the top 51 delegates; you can also enter a delegate that is not included in the top 51.
  5. After you have selected or inputted a delegate, it will appear on your “Delegate List”. Check the box next to your chosen delegate and click “Vote”.
  6. Enter your passphrase back-up and confirm your vote. You can un-vote anytime you wish, but there is a fee for that.


How to Buy Ark Coins?

How to Buy Ark Coins

Hop in the ARK of cryptocurrency; it is one of the fastest networks to date. Without further ado, here are the following steps and the easiest way on how to buy ARK coins:

For this guide, we will be using ARK desktop wallet; merely open your desktop wallet.

Buy Ethereum (ETH) to exchange it for Ark (ARK), that’s it!


Ark (ARK) Platform Fees

There are some services on the Ark (ARK) platform which are not free, say hello to the fees below:

  • Transaction fee: 1 ARK coin
  • Voting fee: 1 ARK coin
  • Un-voting fee – 1 ARK coin
  • Second passphrase fee – 5 ARK coins
  • Official delegate registration fee – 25 ARK coins


List of Ark (ARK) Trading Exchange Sites

Ark (ARK) Trading Exchange Sites

Jump in the ark of digital currencies by visiting the following ARK trading exchange sites below:

Binance.comARK/BTC; ARK/ETH and 90+ more; ARK/LTC; ARK/USDT and 500+ more
Bittrex.comARK/USD; ARK/BTC and 130+ more
Bit-z.comARK/BTC; ARK/ETH; ARK/DKKT and 100+ more
Exchange.coss.ioARK/BTC; ARK/ETH
Coinswitch.coARK/BCH; ARK/BTC; ARK/LTC; ARK/ETH; ARK/DASH and 300+ more
Buyucoin.comARK/INR; ARK/BTC and 100+ more
Abucoins.comARK/BTC; ARK/USD; ARK/EUR and 100+ more
Simpleswap.ioARK/BTC; ARK/ETH and 100+ more


Ark (ARK) ICO Profile Information

The ICO abbreviation stands for “Initial Coin Offering”, this refers to the free-for-all way by which funds are raised for new cryptocurrency ventures. ICO is typically utilized by start-ups to dodge the demanding and lengthy capital-raising procedures that are required by financial institutions and venture capitalists.

Without further ado, below is the detailed table of Ark (ARK) ICO profile information:

Start/End Date0/1


Number of Members1/2
LinkedIn Profiles0/1
Members’ Roles0/1




ICO Start/End DateNot mentioned
PlatformNot mentioned
CountryNot mentioned
MilestonesVery few
VideoNot Provided
MembersVery few
LinkedIn ProfileSome members’ profiles are missing
RolesSome members are unassigned


The Team behind Ark (ARK)

Francois-Xavier Thoorens founded Ark (ARK), he worked as a core developer and chief technology officer (CTO) however, Thoorens officially left the crew on August 2016. A group of 27 brilliant individuals co-founded this cryptocurrency from across the globe, 15 of which become the official core team – The ARK.

With that being said, here are the key people behind it:

Ark (ARK) core team

Ark (ARK) Legacy Members

  • Micah Spruill
  • Victor Lins
  • Stefan Albury
  • Adil Bouzidi
  • Adrian Iftimie
  • Charles Carr
  • Cezar Spatariu
  • Balazs Vegvari
  • Eusebio Estevez
  • Jordan Stech
  • Eric Gagnon
  • Eric Kunz
  • Yassine Rachik


The Ark (ARK) Road Plan

Ark (ARK) roadmap

The Ark (ARK) core team which comprise of techie individuals and crypto enthusiasts never let their users down by consistently improving and enhancing their ecosystem. With that being said, take a glance at ARK road plan to development:

  • Establishment of business entity and foundation – the core team decided to make France as the founding place of Ark (ARK) and establish it as SCIC – French social enterprise – business; the core team have hired lawyers for paperwork completion
  • Duplication of blockchain app (encoded listener) to ARK main chain via SmartBridge (usecase)
  • Completion of ARK/BTC SmartBridge
  • Major redesigning of website
  • Major overhaul of Ark (ARK) block explorer
  • Launching of Google Android and Apple iOS mobile wallets

The Ark (ARK) Project

ARK Crew has a goal of bringing the blockchain to a broader reach by guaranteeing a fast and secured core technology and providing practical services. They have one of the most ambitious projects in the world of cryptocurrency!

If you haven’t hop into the cryptocurrency Ark yet, check out their upcoming projects and what their ecosystem has in store in the future. This 2018, the Ark (ARK) core team has officially announced tons of projects you surely don’t want to miss:

  • To update data transfer between separate blockchains via SmartBridges
  • Point click blockchain – this feature will finally enable its non-techie users to build their blockchain in an instant; it comes with a fee, and it will be available soon
  • To enable cross-chain communication
  • Addition of more blockchains
  • Addition of more alternative programming languages which includes: R, C, Advanced PowerShell, Kotlin, Rust, and C++ Support
  • Establish more SmartBridge Partnerships; SmartBridge “bridges” detached blockchains together via the ARK core platform
  • Ark (ARK) core node v2 upgrade
  • Recording of Technical Protocol
  • ARK Smart Contracts to become issuable via the ARK Virtual Machine Integration (ARKVM)
  • Integration of more programming and language options
  • Blockchains with deployable push buttons, this results in a hassle-free forking and SmartBridge compatibility
  • Addition of Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) – a peer-to-peer software protocol – this will address the problem about heavy loads of data
  • Deployment of push button TestNet clones so that users can navigate ARK easily
  • Provision of SmartBridge documents, video tutorials, and a technical whitepaper
  • Addition of Ark (ARK) as a payment method for a merchandise store
  • Development of numerous Smart Card and Near Field Communication (NFC) materials
  • Addition of hardware wallet options
  • Partnership, research and development (R&D) for Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Integration, research and development (R&D) for Point of Sale Hardware services

If Ark (ARK) can achieve all of its goals and accomplish all of its proposed projects, it would be the first one-stop shop blockchain!

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