Stellar Network Based Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens

To assume that Larimar is rare is an oversimplification. This blue gem is only located in a part of the Caribbean that was once the setting of a volcano, an area crossing a single square kilometer. Larimar has many causes for its recognition and reputation that includes its rarity. Larimar is invariably amongst the top five rarest gems on Earth.

LarimarOthers assume that Larimar is Atlantis’ lost blue stones. It agrees in line with Edgar Cayce, the famous sleeping prophet, who stated these stones would surface on a Caribbean island that was a remain of Atlantis. Those who consider this principle also think these stones have healing attributes.

Larimar is likewise famous for its delicate elegance and beauty in jewelry. Ultimately, those with esoteric beliefs connect Larimar to healing sickness, producing clear thinking and relaxed, reducing high blood pressure and anxiety, improving communication skills, and attracting fish (for fishers).

The Value Of Larimar

Within its uncommonness and popularity, Larimar would then be on its way to having a great significance. It is also exciting to mine, raising this price. In particular, some have attempted to replicate it in labs and trade the fakes. A refined gram of Larimar may be worth as much as $20, while illicit crude grams serve to sell for about $4, depending on the condition. Like diamonds, Larimar arrives in grades.

Atlantis Blue Problem and Solution

Even if Larimar is remarkably sought after, it is consistently undervalued. A substantial part of this comes from the fact that the miners of this valuable gem are taken advantage of by exporters from different countries. Visitors come from around the world and order Larimar with the commitment to pay the miners in the future, not when they materially separate the stone.

Atlantis Blue Work

These exporters only return months later, and then, they repay a much lower price than the gems are reasonably worth. They also take another load of the Larimar stones at the same time. It means issues in miners of Larimar anticipating months and months to get an undervalued payment for their stones, without any assurance that they will ever receive the money.

Ultimately, Atlantis Blue will operate to stop the reproduction of artificial Larimar being sold as authentic by its single central distribution center. These fakes, blended with the poor practices concerning rough Larimar, indicate that miners are fortunate to see $0.50 per gram and that artisans associated in the process cannot gain from their living.

Digital Token

ABDT is the native currency of Atlantis Blue. The team has contributed much consideration to the number of coins they would generate, and after many discussions, the group conceded that it would be satisfying to deliver majority control to the open market as soon possible. It is the reason that they are selling 75% of the tokens throughout the initial ICO phase.

An itemized coin breakdown:

Total number of tokens: 400,000,000
Number of tokens to be sold during 1st ICO: 300,000,000



Atlantis Blue Roadmap


Atlantis Blue guarantee the artisans and miners behind Larimar obtain a reasonable price for their work and restrict rough stones from illegally leaving the country. As each token can be traded for a gram of Larimar, there are substantial advantages to financing in the project, in addition to the ability to support a community and preserve this gem.


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