Atomars Exchange: Connecting The Worlds Of Fiat And Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, blockchain-based projects are daily increasing in number and so with its transaction tokens that are popularly known as cryptocurrency. This currency is not the typical asset that can be traded or can be processed with traditional banking method. It requires a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other cryptocurrencies or assets, such as conventional fiat money and digital stocks. One exchange that provides these services with additional advanced features is ATOMARS.

What is Atomars?

Atomars is known as a global digital asset trading platform that connects the worlds of fiat and cryptocurrencies. They aim to build a global exchange platform with all the required tools and innovations to make the cryptocurrency trading fast, secure, and reliable for everyone around the world.

The platform is currently supporting English and Russian languages, but in the near future, they’ll be extending to support the following languages: English Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Atomars supports all popular cryptocurrencies that include BITCOIN (BTC), ETHEREUM (ETH), LITECOIN (LTC), DASH (DASH), EOS (EOS), USDT (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD) and other major currencies. For the full list of currencies supported, click on this link

They also support virtual fiat currencies or the so-called stable coins like USDT, TUSD, USDC, PAX. However, they also planned to support fiat currencies soon.

Innovative Features

Global presence
Secure and stable trading platform that is available worldwide.

Advanced Security System
The platform has a multi Layer Security that comprised of separated servers, 2-factor authentication, high-level encryption technology, , DDoS protection, cold storages, and much more.

Exceptional Customer Support
24/7 support for smooth user experience with quick response and resolution for any support request.

Fiat And Crypto trading
Atomars supports multiple fiat currencies, along with numerous digital assets.

Mobile App
Trade on the go from anywhere in the world. Mobile app with the complete set of tools that has the same features as the web version.

Robot friendly API
It has a trading bot with leading API with low latency data and execution feeds.

How To Create An Account With Atomars?

Registering an account with Atomars is very easy. Users need to click the “Create Account” button on the main page or follow this link Then fill out the registration form by providing a username, real name, and email address, create a password, and click the Confirm button. Successful registrants will then receive an email with the confirmation link to finish the registration process.

Logging In To Account

To login into to user’s account, click on the Login button on the main page or follow this link Provide the username and password and click the Login button. If a user has enabled 2FA, a popup window will appear requesting a 2FA code to finish the login process. Please check your email account user during the registration for an email from Atomars exchange with the 2FA code. Insert the 2FA code into the form and finish the login process.

KYC Verification

Atomars formally requires KYC from day one to all their users, which guarantees that Atomars suffices the rules and requirements of the virtual currency business. Also, KYC can reduce fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, amongst other malicious activities. To perform KYC, users need to login to their Atomars account and go to ___ > ___. If users pass the KYC verification, they will be notified via email. If verification is not successful, a notification email will be sent to update or submit additional KYC information.

The exchange also added the ability for KYC verified accounts to enjoy their zero-fee trading (limited time offer once the KYC is passed) and a higher daily withdrawal limit:

  • Verified Individual Account: no limit per 24hr
  • Non-verified Account: up to 2 BTC per 24hr KYC verification is not mandatory, thus if the user opted not to complete his/her KYC, the user can continue to trade on the platform.*

However, it is strongly recommended for all Atomars users to complete the KYC verification. It is a good protection factor from the identity theft: in cases where the client forgets his/her credentials to access the platform or when his/her account is taken over by others because of the leakage of personal information, verified KYC information will help the user recover his/her account quickly. Users who achieve KYC certification will also be capable to enjoy additional services provided by the Atomars platform.

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