Basic Attention Token is Being Noticed in Crypto World Today!

basic attention token

As we can observe on the current markets today, they are slowly moving upward.  While Iota is seen crashing, BAT and Ethereum Classic are both doing well in terms of performance.

Digital markets stay flat for two days as bulls lost controls over bears beating them for more than a week now. The overall market cap remains $250,000,000,000+ however, more losses are about to happen.

Bitcoin grasped support at $7 thousand and has traded 1.5 percent higher at $7,100 as of this writing. A nudge towards resistance by $7,120 could mean an indication of recovery. Ethereum, on the 3rd day has stop moving and stays fixed at 410 dollars.

Altcoin remains a varied bunch with few producing small increase whereas some are struggling. Iota is now experiencing a ten percent downfall to $0.79. There is an obvious decrease in its market capitalization making Tether in the 9th place now. All the increase of Iota has been gone for the last eight months. It is now lowered to 85% compared to its highest value of $5.20 way back in month of December. One more crypto currency in pain this week is XRP of Ripple. Because of 3.7% down, it is now down to $0.41. Based on its crypto chart, it is said to be the lowermost level this year.

Watching the 20 leading crypto, Ethereum Classic keeps on having Coinbase powered with additional increase of 9.5%. It has successfully secured its spot above Tron. ETC is now on 11th place with a market capitalization near to $2Billion. Also, OmiseGO and Zcash have regained some percentage while others are still in red flags. Bitcoin Gold, 0x and Icon are notably producing some gains lately but still immensely down due to their past market prices.

Lately, Basic Attention Token is getting noticed in the crypto market. It had an increase of 18% and made it jumped to $0.30 price. The world of cryptocurrency is flowing with discussion about Coinbase adding BAT among other coins. The trading platform still has to officially announce the confirmation of the said listing. On July 13, Coinbase has mentioned several potential tokens to be listed which include BAT token. BAT increased up to 15% compared to last year. Its volume is growing as well and has significantly moved to $7.5 million. There is a $5 million increase in its volume. Most of the trading transactions occurred on Binance. Also, Wanchain and Aurora are both doing well this week with a relevant two digit increase.

The overall cryptocurrency market cap did not change much in the last twenty-four hours. In fact, the capitalization just moved a little ($256 billion). Investors, users and experts are hoping for more gains in the near future.

About BAT: Basic Details and Information

Basic Attention Token has deeply improved the competence of online advertisement. It created an innovative token which can be traded to user, publisher and advertiser. Everything occurs within Ethereum blockchain.

This token could be in used to get different advertisement in the Brave platform. Its usage is centered on users’ attention which merely means a man’s focused mental commitments or engagements.

It tries to address and solve issues related to advertising. There are lots of challenges facing the system. Advertising digitally is filled by numerous scam, tracker and middleman. It abused most of the users since almost half of the normal mobile data of a user is consumed in trackers and advertisements. Also, it can decrease the phone’s battery life and can violate user’s privacy. It can badly affect the publisher and advertiser as well. It is a big help on part of the advertiser. Of course, if an advertisement is failed, the one who will suffer more is them. They should have plenty of information on what they pay for. Sometimes, marketers were even fooled by fraud online sites and robots. Targets should be correct so ads will not end up being ignored by all users. Ads can reach more people effectually and efficiently.

BAT Token

User attention serves as the basis and denomination of the tokens’ utility. It is the latest token in the world of crypto advertising. Furthermore, it is used in paying content and attention. It provides advertiser more revenue or profits through their advertisements. Though in can be traded in some market exchanges, it is not a crypto currency, rather a utility token. Users can transfer their tokens to others.

Owning of a token will not give holders rights except for the permission to use and get services located on the platform. It is not refundable. BAT holders can store the tokens in any ERC20 well-matched and safe wallets. Tokens will be used to incentivize participants. If not claimed within ninety days, tokens will return to UGP. It is used to conduct transaction and find services. Getting advertisement slots needs BAT also. Users can monitor the balance of tokens. They can check it in their ETH wallet which supports an ERC20 token like BAT.

During the BAT sale, 1Billion was sold. The ICO took place last year May 31. It only accepted Ethereum currency: 1 ETH is equivalent to 6,400 BAT. Once users enter the system, they can also get access on services, gain and use BAT in many cases. They can either use the tokens or donate it to publishers. Brave browser provides beta system for upcoming donations. Publisher can reward the users too!

How will it work?

bat how it works

Anonymously, Brave browser will monitor the attention of users. After that, rewards the publishers consequently with BAT tokens. But how do they measure attention? Brave is measuring attention every time user views contents and advertisements located in the active bar of the browser. It can be calculated based on the time length and the viewed content. Advertisement can then be matched to users depending on its showed interest by means of machine algorithm. It would mean a lesser irrelevant and unimportant ads to users.

Brave browser works with many advertisers and publishers to create the best way to judge attentions. One of the possible effective methods is counting the number of views in each ad including the duration of viewing. Those users who will view or watch the ads receive rewards in the form of BAT. The collected tokens may be used to acquire the Brave platform’s finest service or content. The publisher can get a portion of the entire ads profit. Users can also give their received BAT to publishers as donations which will give more revenue to them. Using cryptography, ads frauds are expected to alleviate. Transparency and client integrity can contribute here also. Privacy is into consideration too while lessening possible frauds.

An essential part of token selling is the formation of a user progress pool of 300million of tokens as user incentives. All users that will download Brave will possibly take BAT as a reward. It is expected to engage more participants, approximately 10million users joining the platform.

You can also use BAT in other browsers other than Brave. Moreover, it has applicability (attention based) within message or payment platform (Ethereum-based) including Coinbase current applications. Those apps should have a fraud resistant ability if they want to participate or join in the platform.

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