BCNEX – Revolutionizing The Crypto Exchange Industry

The emergence of cryptocurrency has made a huge impact on technology, economy, and society. Since Satoshi’s bitcoin phenomena, the entire world was shaken with this new approach that has evolved the financial market. It has become a new trend in the world of investment for real fair reasons. People who invested in cryptocurrency benefitted in so many incredible ways. But without a stable crypto exchange, all of these are not achievable. That is why, BCNex, a Vietnam based blockchain trading platform, is built to accommodate and satisfy every user’s need in terms of security and reliability.

Why Choose BCNex?

Bcnex is designed on the most advanced microservices architecture that is intended to observe all the customer requirements initiating the platform to be highly reliable and stable.

High liquidity levels
Bcnex highlights multiple sources of liquidity that ensures all the transactions on the platform are administered without any delays. Additionally, due to the diverse liquidity sources, traders will not need the services of multiple intermediaries who charge excessive prices.

This trading platform prioritizes the provisions of high-quality services to its customers through its user-friendly interface. It ensures users access the best trading experiences either through the desktop or mobile application.

Multiple cryptocurrencies
Bcnex is compatible with a broad range of cryptocurrencies and tokens such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and BCNX. More coins will be added soon after they are vetted. Additionally, the platform also supports several fiat currencies like USD, CHF, JPY, and many more.

Dedicated customer support team
The Bcnex trading platform has a dedicated customer support team available 24/7, to serve users with any questions they might have regarding the platform. It gives users with a flawless user experience combined with a stable and intuitive trading environment.

Possessing The Most Advanced System Architecture

Bcnex features a robust micro-services architecture in which thousands of bots are continuously processing hundreds of orders per second that makes it faster than 99% of other crypto exchanges.

An order matching system manages overloaded systems and backed-up transactions for buy and sell orders stored in high-performance queues. Physical servers are added immediately to secure scalability at moments of high demand. It is achieved without compromising the stability and access speeds.

BCNex is also directed from the ground up in its goal to accomplish “banking industry level auditing and security compliance” from a security perspective. Strong firewalls and anti-denial of service tools are supplemented with user alerts whenever unusual activity found on an account. Also, 98% of Bcnex’s digital assets are stored in various cold wallets detached from the internet, which means that they are resistant to malicious attacks.

Highlighting One Of Its Kind Features

Bcnex is innovating the crypto exchange industry with its exceptional features such as margin trading, spot transactions, future contracts, and a 100% anonymous automatic order matching mechanism. BCNX will be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as cover transaction charges. A “careful review process” is implemented to guarantee that only trusted tokens with strong liquidity and a large user base will join its platform.

Users can access Bcnex on the web, on Windows PCs and by uniquely created apps for Android and iOS, depending on their preference. The exchange is going to launch in English and Vietnamese, with support for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese set to support as the exchange aims to become multilingual.

At the end of this year, BCNex is progressing to explore the prospect of designing an ecosystem to support blockchain-based startups. Then, in the first quarter of 2020, the Bcnex team is intending to start margin trading after a testing period.

“To date, the crypto market is still limited and difficult to enter. We strongly believe that more people should be able to participate in this exciting and promising digital economy,” the BCNex team affirmed, empowered to democratizing cryptocurrency trading.

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