Bitbook: Decentralized Travel Platform

The conventional approach has lost its impact on the travel sector. More people, particularly Millennials, no longer recognize a beach holiday or a mountain adventure as perfect ideas to spend their yearly vacation. People travel for the experiences that anticipate them on new terrain. Moreover, they frequently carry out their booking activities online, by themselves hence overall changing their travel practices. This circumstance has a significant impact on the travel industry and challenges travel agents to adjust and survive.

At the core of the travel industry extends a developing global economy. Each year, the worldwide traveler pool is overwhelmed with millions of new consumers from both emerging and developed markets, many with rising disposable revenues and a newfound talent to experience the world.

Introducing Bitbook Network

BitBook is a travel platform where people can book accommodation and gain tokens in the process. They are recognized as an Online Travel Agency, and in essence, a Marketing and Sales directed website that connects people who have an interest in travel with accommodation providers and related other services. They are capable to compete as they have a decentralized underlying digital economy that advances them as to have a completely different business model than any traditional business. Because of this, their Reward system will not only drives the adoption of the platform by incentivizing users to bring others onboard but also drive traffic by rewarding users who can create remarkable travel content on their platform.

With Bitbook’s program, users earn tokens while they are also assisting others to choose new destinations and explore new experiences. The central goal of this program is to drive traffic to BitBook’s site and to stimulate the adoption of our platform since the early beginning. By launching BitBook, they will start winning market share of the $528 billion hotel industry. At the same time, the present market cap of all cryptocurrencies is around $238 billion. Bitbook’s initial target market extends across both of these industries.

One big mistake other ICO’s are proceeding is that they don’t have a working maturity model in place. They try to compete versus big players that have much more marketing means at their disposition. Their continuous struggle to bring traffic to their sites blocks them from ever taking the market from competitors. Due to the lack of an adoption procedure, they can view in hard evidence, that post ICO, their traffic plummets, and demand reductions, resulting in a sell-off of their token.

BitBook is created with a center on growth where everyone benefits:

• Travelers earn tokens when booking and evaluating their experience;
• Content creators earn tokens when they produce quality travel content that brings traffic to the site, and also for each new active user that they take onboard;
• Influencers earn tokens for distributing the travel content on their social media accounts and leveraging their audience to make new active users into BitBook;
• Accommodation providers profit from a low commission structure, determining their most significant challenge and increasing their profits on each of their bookings;
• BitBook community benefit from the addition of traffic and adoption of the site as the value of the BitBook token increases.

The Bitbook Token

BitBook token disrupts the traditional booking marketplaces by building a travel economy where the travelers and accommodation providers become uniquely regulated to help one another.

The tokens are the engine of the platform as they unlock services on the website. The utility of BitBook has a broad range of services, including booking, advertising, and purchasing of travel-related products.

Tokens will build success by directing the growth of Bitbook’s platform. They work a significant role in enabling to reward their community for:
• Creating quality content that attracts new users.
• Booking and reviewing their travel.

On the other hand, they are the gateway for accommodation providers to initiate premium services when looking to grow the booking rate of a specific date.

Website Interface And Function

BitBook’s website will present an easy-to-use interface that will allow hotels to add and edit their listings quickly and easily. Also, it will ensure users get a seamless experience when searching for and booking a room. Initially, we will provide the following booking options:

Instant booking – Travelers book and pay online in one transaction. Accommodation providers get the revenue at
the moment of booking either in FIAT money or in BitBook tokens.

No prepayment booking – Travelers book and pay at the hotel. Accommodation providers can choose to request an additional amount of BitBook tokens or Fiat currency to be withheld as a deposit guarantee. The deposit will be automatically released if no issues arise.

Non-refundable – In case of cancellation, modifications, or no-shows, the total price of the reservation will be charged. If any cancellation or modification fees apply, accommodation providers will pay commission on the amount paid by the travelers.

Cancellation w/fee- In case of cancellation, modifications, or no-shows, a fee will apply to travelers and accommodation providers will pay commission on the amount paid by the travelers.

Free Cancellation – In case of free cancellation no fees apply and accommodation providers don’t pay any commission.


The Core Team

The Bitbook team is composed of well-experienced individuals from different industries. Nick van der Kolk as the CEO, has over 14 years in Management with a Commercial background. During these years, he concentrated on assisting CEO’s and CMO’s in the travel industry to adapt their marketing and sales strategy to meet the modern customer journey. He also has exceptional crypto expertise as director of sales at Kucoin, one of the leading crypto exchanges globally that empowers him to massively develop his industry and Blockchain knowledge as well as his network of highly skilled individuals.

Other important people aside from the skilled developers and blockchain experts are Yaniv Siegel as the CMO, Can Kutay as the CRO, and Aleksandar Pupovac as the Chief Technology Officer.

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