Blockchain Technology Explained – Overview, Meaning & Applications

blockchain technology

Progressive technology is positively climbing triumph at an exceptionally fast rate. One of its incredible improvements is the evolution of blockchain technology. As we can see today, blockchain turn out to be a technology that rapidly emerges in the world. People were really intrigued on this economic and protocol idea. It appears very appealing and clearly engaging. It has been in used since Bitcoin initiation in the year 2008. In spite of the good results, it did not reach the highest level of man’s awareness that time. People were still in doubt of its capabilities and were unsure of what it can actually do. But after several years, the tech term started to bloom widely which makes it widely spread and well-known by every businessman.

What is Blockchain technology?

Cryptography, encryption, blocks, hyperlink and timestamp, these are just few significant words frequently heard whenever blockchain technology is in discussion. Surely, most of us especially those in business world know a lot of it. It may sound like a small system but it can actually do bigger things. It can change the market and financial realm more than anyone can imagine.

In addition, it empowers the asset and contract recordings of the network. It stores the precise data of transaction history. Blockchain technology can document info permanently while safely keeping the files. That is what really fascinating about this subject. It became the favorite technology for many businesses because of the high security and protection featured.

It contains blocks that have the complete record’s list of data. Block has the info of the prior blocks. Cryptography ensures block is properly saved. Furthermore, it is a risk-free database and has been used as Bitcoin transaction’s public ledger. Security is placed in to the system by a peer to peer networks and timestamp servers. It causes the database to be managed autonomously. Thus, blockchain can efficiently record details of transaction, verification sources and identity management.

In a shorter description, it is the current underlying technology of most cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology will unquestionably shape the succeeding generation. It is truly the future of internet.

Open and Non-corruptible State

blockchain incorruptible

Blockchain is in an automatic self-checking every 10 minutes. Due to this self-auditing feature, any network can settle all transactions that happen in that specific time interval. Block is what they call for that group of transactions. This will lead to 2 relevant properties, transparency and the ability to prevent corruption. Data are all transparent and open to the public. Here, everyone can watch and observe how the network grows provided that data are visible. Incorrupt ability is it’s another significant feature. From the word itself, it can’t be corrupted. It will be hard to change or alter any part of the information. To overrule the full system, it must use a large amount of power and that will never be easy.

Strength and Durability

Similar to internet, blockchain technology is built with robustness. By means of storing blocks, it can’t be controlled by one entity. Plus, failure is never on its system. No history of huge malfunction is recorded so far. Serious problems are due to human errors and were proven to be intentionally done: not by this underlying method.

Since created, blockchain consistently shows the public how durable it is. It is a main reason why people rely mostly on it.

How Blockchain Technology works?

Every operation under blockchain technology can assure an accurate company organization. Every transaction that occurs is recorded. Timestamp and hash are always present in block. There is a unique key in each ledger which is very safe and hard to hack. Only trusted party can write and stamp the record. Security method uses encryption processes.

It can be a public ledger or private ledger. In public, anyone, provided that they are members of the network can view or send transactions on block. Private blockchain, on contrast to public has some restrictions and limitations.

Blockchain Technology Applications

This is used in innumerable applications. It is widely used everywhere and will definitely improve human lives. It can be applied in managing land rights, communicating supply chain, collecting music royalty, lending P2P insurance, ending government corruption and verifying serial diamonds. It can also be in cross border money transfer, self-executing contracts, health and medical records, digital identity security, distributed cloud storage and in banking fraud detection. Areas like on electoral execution, government system, AML, banks, manufacturing business, KYC, education and medicine have adopted the idea as well. There are more areas involved already on blockchain.

Also, it usually exists on financial trade. To shelter the whole system and value as well, most cryptocurrencies nowadays adopt it. After Bitcoin, there have been a number of other cryptocurrencies that followed. They were designed by different experts with different purposes. More of these are still being developed. Market exchanges and even online review services rely on it also. Review platform uses it to ensure the transparency and the good quality of feedbacks. It is very ideal in regaining customer trust in network and on-the-web reviews.

Notable Advantages Brought by Blockchain Technology

blockchain benefits

Using this kind of protocol, a trust can be built between devices and parties. Business can lessen the risk and possibilities of crash and interfere. Also, expenses will be cut down. It will decrease the cost for middleman and intermediary. This will accelerate transaction speed and will reduce the usual time range for settlement. Indeed, blockchain technology is a wise investment.

Moreover, company nowadays is more comfortable in transferring data online. The transmission here is easier, less costly and more secure. Finance is clearly the principal field of the present industry. If it is associated to blockchain, a huge efficacy flow will occur. It has successfully entered the banking sector processing a faster transaction. Value transferring of assets normally requires banking institutions. Unfortunately, those banks need higher charges but with lower protection. With blockchain technology, there’s no need for third party. As a substitute, it is best for saving transaction, for making identity and for creating contract necessary in all dealings.


Evidently, the world is a place full of wonders and surprises. People never stop discovering new ways to improve resources. Man’s eagerness to achieve the best and latest innovation resulted to the creation of this blockchain technology. It is a progressive creation that focuses on enhancing and helping any businesses. It will surely rule the commerce industry in a positive way. This is really what networks and systems need to provide the full user satisfaction. No doubt, it is an abundant product of modern society.

As ground-breaking as it sounds, it is a tool to take anyone to the uppermost level of accountability. There will be zero unnoticed transactions and man or engine miscalculations. Exchange and trade without permission can be prevented. More than any other, the most serious extent where blockchain technology helps is its pledge and assurance of transaction validity. Records are not just on principal register but also on all linked distributed structure of registers, all of which are related by a safe authentication device. Soon, all skeptics who doubted what blockchain can do will see its complete functionality. Other exciting things about it are yet to come.

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