Bluzelle A Decentralized Database For The Future

Bluzelle (BLZ) is a decentralized database service exclusively designed for DApps (decentralized applications). It plays a pivotal role in the blockchain that helps with the development of the decentralized internet. Essentially, BLZ is an economic network for powerful producers and consumers.

The Special Features of Bluzelle (BLZ)

Bluzelle (BLZ) builds a decentralized data ecosystem which enables users and businesses to have full data control and the ability to monetize data. With that being said, here are the cryptocurrency platform’s special features:

  • Swarm Technology – This feature stores small piece/s of data on groups of nodes (called swarms) worldwide which eliminates a single point of failure.
  • Unlimited Scaling Ability – The cryptocurrency platform’s algorithm stores data in a unique network model that does not depend on data centers and is able to scale database services instantly.
  • High speed Request Time – This feature adjusts the number and location of swarms that shards a data to fasten request time and overall performance.
  • Privacy Guarantee – The platform applies cryptographic and shards techniques to provide privacy guarantee.
  • Enterprise Scalability – This feature stores data in a distributed manner that provides enterprise – level scalability.
  • Data Immutability – This platform leverages the blockchain technology so that once a data is stored in a certain network, it is impossible to change and/or delete the data.
  • Hack – Proof Data – The platform’s use of consensus updates to the network can be accepted as the truth which makes the data hack – proof.
  • Low Costs – The platform operates no data centers as all computer resources are provided by network producers who earns funds and pass the savings directly to the consumers.

What is the BLZ Token?

The BLZ token is the native payment system and universal utility token that is issued by the Bluzelle ( The BLZ token serves the following purposes on the crypto platform:

  • Enables users to rent out their computer storage space to earn BLZ tokens
  • DApp developers pay with BLZ tokens to manage and store their data

The BLZ token details:

BLZ Token InformationMetrics
Token TypeERC – 20 Compliant
AcceptsEthereum (ETH)
Bounty ProgramSharing and Signature BT
Restricted CountriesChina
Registered CompanyBluzelle Networks PTE LTD.
Team LocationInternational

List of the Bluzelle (BLZ) Licensed Exchange Sites

Users can buy, sell, and trade BLZ token on the listed exchanges below. Simply select an exchange site that honors fiat currencies and trade BLZs with other cryptocurrencies.

BLZ Licensed Exchange SitesTrading Pairs

bluzelle blz fund allocation

The Team behind Bluzelle (BLZ)

The Bluzelle (BLZ) team comprise of top – tier engineers with solid backgrounds in computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive science, blockchain, cybersecurity, networking etc.

  • Pavel Bains – Co – Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Neeraj Murarka – Co – Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Andrew Mastracci – Director of Product Development
  • Nitin Cunha – Director of Developer Relations
  • Richard Nistuk – Senior Developer
  • Mehdi Abdeh Kolahchi – Senior Developer
  • Edward Bruck – Senior Developer
  • Isabel Scroggin – C++ Developer
  • Monty Thibault – Javascript Developer
  • John Lam – Javascript Developer
  • Ashok Venkateswaran – Director of Enterprise Sales
  • Leandro Bark – Head of Sales
  • Yingyao Xie – Product Development Associate

bluezelle team

The Bluzelle (BLZ) Roadmap Plan

Bluzelle (BLZ) takes the blockchain principles and partitioning concepts with a mission to create an online marketplace for data storage and management. Given that intention, we have outlined the development progress that the team has accomplished since its launch:

Q2 2015

  • Canadian Ripple Gateway that is directly connected to the Canadian Banking debit network has been launched

Q1 2016

  • Bluzelle has set up in Singapore
  • Seed financing round from True Global Ventures has been raised

Q2 2016

  • Ripple – based cross – border payments proof – of – concept (poc) for Temenos was built

Q3 2016

  • Ethereum – based consumer mobile insurance application for AIA Group was built

Q4 2016

  • Earned a spot to the Global FinTech 100 by H2 Ventures

Q2 2017

  • Ethereum – based KYC ledger for international banks consortium was built
  • Appointed by the World Economic Forum as the Technology Pioneer for 2017

Q3 2017

  • Ethereum – based insurance platform for an established Asian insurer was built
  • Raised $1.5 million USD round from international venture capitalists Global Brains, True Global Ventures, and LUN Partners

Q2 2018

  • Minimum viable products (MVP) which includes NoSQL key – value pairs, BLZ Harvesting Agent, leaf swarms, consensus algorithm, horizontal partitioning, continuous hashing, CRUD API (create, read, update, and delete application programming interface), BLZ tokenization, ERC – 20 token gateway, dynasty keys, versioning, backup and restore has been released

The Bluzelle (BLZ) Project

The Bluzelle (BLZ) aims to build a cryptocurrency that is controlled by centralized parties for a responsible data management and shift power back. Given that intention, here are the upcoming projects that the cryptocurrency platform has in store for its users:

Q2 2018

  • KEPLER to release Platform – as – a – Service (PaaS) integrations, integrated development environment (IDE) plugins and integration, blockchain Smart Contracts, import/export from legacy databases, node scoring, health metrics, desktop, browser, and mobile apps interactive access

Q4 2018

  • EINSTEIN to release NoSQL documents, NoSQL document collections, NoSQL document collection indices, NoSQL document collection partitions, global CRUD operations, and batch CRUD operations

Q2 2019

  • LEIBNIZ to release proof – of – stake (POS) requirement for farmers, variable CRUD request pricing, edge caching of data close to requests, request parallelism, hotspot support, Spartacus attack tolerance, and proof of service Merkel challenges and rewards
  • ARCHIMEDES to release vertical partitioning, 2D partitioning, variable – cost data expiries, Sybil attack tolerance, deletion reversibility, and proof of redundancy via erasure coding

Q4 2019

  • TURING to release column stores, S/Kademlia improvements, Honest Geppetto attack tolerance, 3rd party arbitration against cheating owner attacks, reverse http tunneling, tunnel eclipse attack tolerance, multiparty encryption, and complex binary blob storage support

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