Bottos (BTO) A Decentralized AI Data Sharing Network

The blockchain is a structured data based on cryptology technology, which organizes and controls great volumes of data in a decentralized manner. All the data on the blockchain is connected with a singular digital signature that cannot be duplicated. Also, the completely public-facing blockchain possesses several advantages, such as high security, instantaneous adjustment, and distrust. It allows global data sharing and traceability, which will cause it viable to set a global decentralized AI data training platform with more massive scale and higher quality that can regulate the right and control accounts.

Bottos as a public data blockchain for artificial intelligence, can considerably protect the privacy of user information and guarantee that users should approve all data before distribution and the users’ data won’t be sold again without second permission due to its unique administration. 

An Introduction To A New AI Ecosystem

Bottos is a decentralized data sharing network that converges on artificial intelligence. It is developed to be a consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-build, and synergetic one-stop application platform for information, model, computing power and storage capacities by data mining and smart contracts. Bottos has a bottom-level public blockchain especially created on the foundation of data characteristics as well as a platform for data distribution amongst various participants within a broad-based AI ecosystem.

It can be implemented in areas of big data, artificial intelligence, smart hardware, robots, Internet of Things, VR/AR and others. In a word, Bottos is not only an artificial intelligence public blockchain but also renders services for data and models circulation. It recognizes the value transferring of artificial intelligence and its derivatives supplied by data, ultimately developing a new decentralized AI ecosystem.

The BTO Token

Bottos based token BTO will be utilized by AI companies to fund and build projects that require substantial volumes of data, like an AI speech recognition software. A user can start the Bottos platform and make a voice recording which then turns into a data asset that user can essentially sell to the AI project. Users will receive BTO payment for these assets. There will also be a credit rating arrangement that guarantees the quality of the data users.

Bottos Team

The Bottos team is considered as one of the most influential in the present AI blockchain space. Currently, the team is composed of 20 people strong; 12 of that are developers, all full-time and honoring from Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, a leading Chinese blockchain R&D lab, each with 10+ years of blockchain knowledge.

It is well comprised based on background and with an established experience. Bottos team is lead by Xin Song (CEO) that has driven in strategy and investment management for top fortune 500 companies, and Chao Wang (CTO) that has approximately 1.5 decades of R&D background in cloud computing, telecom, and distributed systems. Tingting Wang (CMO) has the combined marketing and community management expertise of NEO, and Zhen Gao (Chief Scientist/AI Architect) who has contributed the majority of the latter half of his life dedicated to the topics of AI and autonomous operations.

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