Bread (BRD): The Largest Blockchain Powered Financial Institution

A quest to become the world’s largest decentralized financial institution is what Bread envisions. Bread’s popularity rapidly expands because of their unique service of allowing consumers to gain control of their financial accounts without the worry of security and reliability. This platform is widely utilized by over 1 million users in over 140 countries.

Bread’s mobile application enables users to store, send, and accept digital assets efficiently and securely by connecting its users crypto directly to the blockchain. They have launched the BRD token which allows premium services and functionality within the app in December 2017. It also has the first ever rewards and loyalty program for cryptocurrency users.

A Blockchain Powered Financial Service

As the internet and mobile devices dominantly conquered the world’s population, Bread took advantage of this trend to create a financial service platform aiming to develop the most reliable system.

Bread has a security and ease-of-use hybrid procedure to the “make it easy to use” issue.  Their present technology is developed on the foundation of the bitcoin, with this being the most widely known blockchain. It is necessary to understand that Bread retains no digital assets, but is right connected to the blockchain, providing our users trust and security by not managing their assets.

What is the Bread Token (BRD)?

The Bread Token called BRD offers discounts and extra services when using the popular Bread wallet app. Bread is the first cryptocurrency wallet to give a loyalty and customer rewards program. In the competing cryptocurrency wallet market, Bread has obtained over 650,000 customers in several countries. The next step is incentivizing people to retain inside Bread’s ecosystem.

Bread Wallet

The Bread wallet is a free iOS or Android download and is very easy to set up. There is no registration or personal data required during the setup process. Upon downloading the app, users can import a Bitcoin wallet or generate a new one. If users create a new wallet, they’ll be given 12 words pass key that can be used to recover access to users wallet if in case lose or phone upgrade. If they decide to utilize another wallet, the 12 words can be used to generate the users private key and still be able to recover your Bitcoins. The keys are only accessible from the users’ device, so it doesn’t have vulnerabilities about Bread application getting hacked.

The sturdy and simple user interface has selections for sending and receiving Bitcoins. In the menu option, for some countries, there is the ability to purchase Bitcoin directly from the Bread app.

Bread Team and Development


BREAD team

Bread, previously known as Breadwallet, was established in 2015 by Aaron Voisine and Adam Traidman. It was the “first standalone iOS Bitcoin wallet” and has expanded to 15 employees.

The BRD team desires to allow both the buying and selling of Bitcoin through the app in many countries. There will also soon be supporting Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Perhaps the most interesting feature would be the ability to purchase new ICOs through the Bread app with the BRD tokens. Below is their aggressive roadmap moving towards the end game of becoming the world’s decentralized bank.

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