CanYa: The Decentralised Serviceplace For The World

What is CanYa?

CanYa is a peer to peer marketplace service for the skilled workers for the crypto community. It is a decentralized market where your services can be traded for the cryptocurrency of traditional currency (fiat). CanYa product is live you can download from the app store and google play store, but they have only made it available in Australia at the start. It was able to successfully process over thousands of jobs on their platform since it was made available in Australia. The key feature of CanYa is that it is all about the services that are your nearby so the customers will be able to contact directly to the clients without going through any third party.

They will provide these services to a wider audience over their international expansion. Their main feature is that it is a peer to peer decentralized system that allows users to connect with service providers with ease and billing of the service is very easy as they allow both cryptocurrency and fiat to pay for the services.

How it Works

As we know, it is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace for the jobs. It has these main features as a product.

Peer to peer – as it connects with user and service provider directly without any intermediary, so it becomes easy to find a good range of service and that too within the cost of your choice.

Rating System – the can app has a rating system which lets buyer of the service and providers of the service to review each other and give ratings. This will help in finding the right service required by you. This system ensures that well-rated service providers get rewarded by more work.

Billing system – the customers can pay using the crypto and their traditional currency. They can check the available cryptocurrency payment and pay. And the service providers also have the choice of receiving the compensation in any of the cryptocurrency or fiat. The CanYaCoin platform will handle the exchange process.

App with many unique features – the app of CanYaCoin has many new features that are required when hiring a person for the job. These features include free voice calling, messaging support and also the invoice service. In the future updates for the desktop versions, they will also add video chat support for their platform and many new features along with the translation.

Wallet – you can link a credit wallet with CanYaCoin app so you can do the transactions very seamlessly and spend some crypto for the service.

canya work

CanYa network does not charge anything for the transaction, and you can transfer your money to your account by just using your details without any fee or commission. CanYa is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it does all its transactions by utilizing the smart contracts. As it is done by smart contract so there will not be any dispute during the transaction as every detail of the transaction will be locked on the blockchain.

The Team At CanYa

CanYaCoin was founded by John-Paul, Chris Mcloughlin, Kyle Hornberg, and Rowan Wilson. John-Paul is the CEO of the company while Chris is serving as CMO, and Kyle is serving as COO of the company.

They have a total of 20 members in the team, and they also have a functional product. Their team also has as many as 15 advisors.. Their advisor list is very diverse as many of them are founders of some other projects and many CEO’s of other ventures also in the advisor list.

Their team has vast experience in the blockchain market, and that is why first they developed their project and then decided to do their ICO. You can check them out on their website, and they also have their LinkedIn profiles linked so don’t forget to check that too.

CanYaCoin ICO and Token

They chose to work using the Ethereum blockchain because it was easy for them to design their project rather than creating a new blockchain from scratch. Their ICO was started on November 26, 2017, and ended on December 27, 2017. All the information about their ICO is listed below.

CanYa ICO Information

Token – CAN
Platform – Ethereum based ERC20 token
Price – USD 0.79 for 1 CAN
Total supply of tokens – 100 million
Hard cap – 23 million USD
Token available for sale – 60%
ICO start date – November 26, 2017
ICO end date – December 27, 2017

This is the basic information about the CanYaCoin ICO. Their coin allocation is as follows:
– 60% tokens were for the crowdsale
– 20% tokens were reserved for the Founders and advisors
– And 20% tokens was reserved for the reward pool

They raised around USD 23 million in their ICO. Their fund’s allocation for the project is as follows:
– 35% for the ongoing development
– 15% for initial development
– 30% for marketing and expansion
– And 20% was kept as the working capital
– There was also a bonus system during their ICO.

Exchanges To Trade On

Their project idea is more promising than their project itself and a very good team at the helm they have benefited regarding gaining a wider audience. Their coin CAN trade on many exchanges. Some of them are listed below.

List of CanYa Exchanges

Bancor Network
Radar Delay
Coin spot

These are some exchanges where CanYaCoin can be traded with the fiat or ETH, BTC, and USD. These exchanges allow you to trade after registering on their network or you can sync your wallet on these platforms.

Roadmap to the Future

They started their journey in November 2015 and launched their product in March 2017. Right after the soft launch of the product, they conducted their ICO sale.

canya roadmap

After ICO was finished, they waited for around five months to further develop the project and launch it globally. They launched their product globally in March 2018. They are set to launch the next version of the product in July.

August will bring the advance matching feature to the product. It will also improve its decentralized platform as it will integrate its features for users to aid in curation and arbitration.

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