Cardstack An Experience Layer Of The Decentralized Internet

What is Cardstack (CARD)?

Cardstack (CARD) is an open-source infrastructure and consensus algorithm that makes the blockchain technologies that are functional and accessible to the mass marketplace, which creates a decentralized ecosystem. This cryptocurrency platform’s approach to decentralization lets self-governing users act as their hub so that communication with several applications and services operating on networks of various topologies move through software stack controlled by the user – community.

The Cardstack Foundation

The Cardstack Foundation is a non – profit foundation that is based in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. Its principal goal is to promote and develop the Cardstack (CARD) software, infrastructure, protocol, and applications. It is also open to support and finance R&D (Research and Development) activities that uphold the CARD software, protocol, and infrastructure. It is also responsible for the strategic fundraiser and guarantees that the funds raised are budgeted and distributed to achieve its founding charter.

The Special Features of Cardstack (CARD)

Cardstack (CARD) is creating an economically sustainable software ecosystem that is against the general lock-in mechanisms of centralized platforms. Given that intention, here are the technical features that Cardstack (CARD) has for its users:

Entry Channel Payment System – This feature allows users to simply pay with fiat currencies using their credit card to buy CARD tokens directly on the platform; with this feature, users are not required to buy a cryptocurrency from an exchange.

Scalability Payment Pool – is one of the core back-end mechanisms of Cardstack that rewards to the software developers for their work.

Rewards Pool – Speaking of rewards, this is where CARD tokens allocated. It is based on the data usage, code dependencies, user reviews and feedbacks, and transaction history – all of which are collected and analyzed by analytic miners.

Software and Services Coupons (SSC) – This unique feature enables users to convert CARD tokens to non – transferable tokens which are fixed to the U.S. Dollar.

Cardstack Hub – This serves as the platform’s native digital wallet where CARD tokens are held and used to buy SSCs for every application and services.

Proof–of–Burn – Also called as the “burn signal,” is the proof of the redemption of Cardstack app services via the disbursement of SSC by a CARD app over a specified period. A huge amount of SSCs burned means that an app is economically active during the time of usage.

Cardstock Flow

The Cardstack (CARD) Token

The CARD token is the internal currency underlying a planned decentralized software ecosystem. It serves as the utility token which enables end – users and enterprises to utilize applications that interact with the following while paying a single on – chain transaction fee:

– Numerous blockchains
– Decentralized protocols
– Application–coin backed decentralized applications (DApps)
– Cloud-based services

Cardstock Token Economy

In addition to that, we have provided a table which indicates the details of the CARD token:

Cardstock Token Details

List of the Cardstack (CARD) Licensed Trading Exchange Sites

The CARD token cryptocurrency is currently traded on several sites. With that being said, here are the licensed exchange platforms to get you started:

Cardstock Token Details2

The Cardstack (CARD) Core Team

Chris Tse founded Cardstack (CARD) in 2014, he also serves as the Head of Product; while the core team comprises of many open – source contributors. The core team is ready to organize the cryptocurrency community by creating an alternative application marketplace with open – web technologies, directed by the open–source code and enabled by a generation innovation of blockchains.

Without further ado, here are the key people behind this cryptocurrency project:

Core Team

Ed Faulkner – works as a Lead Developer
Hassan Abdel Rahman – works as a Senior Blockchain Developer
Will Bagby – works as a Senior Developer
Alex Speller – works as a Senior Developer
Burcu Noyan – works as a Design Technologist

None of the Cardstack (CARD) core team members and contributors has a token sale structure enterprise. Nevertheless, the core team is working with Bitcoin Suisse, AmaZix, and Wachsman – these companies have helped several cryptocurrency projects launch their Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). As mentioned, Bitcoin Suisse is already coordinating with CARD’s pre-allocation process.


In the final analysis, even though Cardstack (CARD) is a promising cryptocurrency project, it holds the potential to modify the way users interact with development applications (DApps), as well as native and cloud-based applications. Via the incorporation of the latter with the blockchain solutions, this platform could increase DApps and the blockchain implementation for the mass marketplaces.

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