CashBet, The World’s First Crypto-Ready iGaming Platform

The assembly of mobile gaming and cryptocurrency contributes a unique possibility for operators and supporters to disrupt the crypto casino market. The gaming market has evolved considerably in the last decade with the emergence of online gaming and the turn from online from desktop to mobile. Mobile which is mainly HTML5 content is presently universal and accounts for the majority of CashBet’s gameplay. Still driving a still-rising wave in mobile gaming and increase in organized rules, online gambling grew a $43B (USD) market in 2016. All kinds (social, mobile, real-money, crypto) of iGaming extend to develop quickly. Mobile real-money gaming is the fastest growing division of the online gaming market.

iGaming Site End-to-End Operation

The CashBet network is modular, comprehensive, and fiat-and-cryptocurrency available. Operators can brand their iGaming site, permit gaming content, and begin a crypto-casino in days. Operators also evade the difficulties and cost of combining a back office accounting and player control system.

The CashBet platform renders everything operators require to operate a licensed and active iGaming business such as an integrated back office, game management, certifiably safe and transparent result ascertainment, exclusive content availability, and intensely integrated know-your-player analytics. The platform appears with built-in incentivizing for player recognition and currency management, as well as a geo-verification system which can be utilized to offer location-based bonusing or restrict play to a region.

The CashBet Platform

CashBet will be the first to market with a completely licensed, reliable, and comprehensive crypto-gaming solution. The CashBet mobile-first iGaming platform has been licensed for real-money, entertaining, and skill-based gaming and operational in various jurisdictions for over four years. Native and merged third-party RGS systems receive a distinct choice of private, unique, crypto-ready content to enable any iGaming operation. Utilizing our vertically-integrated platform, CashBet gives player segmentation, player administration, bonusing, campaign supervision, eWallet and geo-verification functions to improve or facilitate a profitable service from day one.

The CashBet platform comprises of fully unified, third-party tested, and licensed factors:

CashBet and affiliated third-party exclusive game servers (RGS) and databases
● eWallet administration
● Player Account Management back office
● GeoVerify assistance
● Native software development kits (SDKs) for excellent HTML5 performance on iOS, Android, devices
● API servers to intensify component integration and responsiveness
● Game development kit (GDK) for content production.

CashBet CBC Coin Utility

CBC is a cryptocurrency token that may be applied on various operator’s sites, and not only for online gambling but also for social and skill-based gaming. CBC-based gaming and token ownership will be uniquely useful and rewarded. CashBet is circulating CashBet Coin tokens to control both its B2C and B2B crypto casino contributions. CashBet will provide definite benefits to CashBet Coin players, partners, and buyers. In expanding to utilizing CBC for deposits and wagers on any crypto casino powered by the CashBet platform, the CBC token will compensate loyalty by rewarding VIP holders a percentage of losses and by allowing them to experience greater bonuses. Paying in CBC will qualify CashBet partners to get decreased rates on assistance.

CashBet Coin is a utility token. It is not intended to be a security or controlled product. CashBet Coin bestows only the power to access and apply the CashBet platform. The service of CashBet Coin and the capacity to access specific CashBet platform functionality may differ depending on the customer’s state of residence, and where the customer accesses the CashBet platform.


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