Caspian: A Blockchain Based Asset Management Solution

Several innovative products and services are arising to market in the cryptocurrency industry presently. Caspian is one of those ventures which strives to offer users with a new crypto asset management solution. It is apparent this new project is essentially designed for institutional investors, and it will open up a lot of exciting opportunities very soon.

What is Caspian?

Caspian is recognized as a crypto trading platform intended at sophisticated and institutional investors. It contributes a range of technology and support services created to facilitate superior trade execution, position management, compliance, and reporting. Caspian is a partnership between blockchain investment firm Kenetic, and asset management technology provider Tora. The ERC20 token, CSP, can optionally be applied within the platform to unlock a variation of discounts, rewards and governance rights.

Unique Features

Caspian has a few aspects which make it unique. With this full suite of sophisticated trading algorithms, PMS, RMS, and OEMS solutions, and real-time exposure tracking, Caspian is undoubtedly one of the most advanced asset management solutions to consider. The single interface guarantees everything is available in a standardized way across all exchanges, which can only be regarded as impressive.

One of the issues which come to mind is security. It seems Caspian will take this by utilizing robust crypto asset security protocols set by an experienced team of blockchain developers. Furthermore, the project offers 24/7 customer support, which is something rarely observed in the world of crypto asset management solutions presently.

The performance algorithms powering Caspian offer a sophisticated trading experience for all users. But, users will also be capable of creating custom alterations for increased personalization. With the project’s API being capable of accessing all major cryptocurrency exchanges, it is evident there is a lot of data to be gathered and sorted in real time. This information includes orders, executions, market data, leverage positions, and so forth. All of this will be traced by Caspian.

Token Ecosystem

The native ERC20 token of Caspian, CSP, is not needed to access the platform, though applying it does give rewards and discounts, as well as management rights. CSP holders must first stake their tokens to trigger bonuses. Staking, as described in the Caspian ecosystem, is obtained by a user transferring CSP to a staking contract address from which they will withdraw tokens at any time, but can’t trade or transfer them while held in that contract. User staking benefits comprise:

Commission Discount
After the initial staking, staked tokens commence accruing discount value at one percentage point rate per week, up to a cap of 25%. Additionally, to pass for a discount, the value of tokens staked must be higher than 1% of a client’s weekly tally of daily trade volumes. The exact minimum staking inception is dynamic and unique to every user, set weekly based on the trading and token price information from the previous week.

Fee payment discount
Users paying trade and platform charges in CSP rather than fiat get a maximum 25% discount, utilized in addition to the commission discount above.

CSP will also be used to incentivize third-party development on the platform. Caspian recommends that developers might choose to build other user interfaces, superior charting libraries, external trading signal feeds, stress tests for exchanging strategies, or other tools or services.

The creator must stake tokens to launch a Dapp, and then can establish the price of their own Dapp subscription fee, a part of which Caspian holds as the underlying platform. Alternatively, developers may submit their Dapps for “free” to users who have staked a predetermined cost of CSP, and in doing so become qualified for token rewards that will be designated from a designated rewards pool that is a role of both network and marketplace activity volumes. Users may enter a portfolio that comprises all available “free” Dapps by staking 1 CSP and must stake additional CSP to meet the specific staking requirement determined by the “free” Dapp they want to handle.

Importantly, users cannot concurrently use the same staked tokens to access a “free” Dapp and also get a commission, fee, or dynamic discounts listed above. Assuming a limited amount of staked tokens and opposing desires, users must choose which benefit they consider most.

Latest Development

With Caspian’s ongoing development, they have listed their native token to one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange today called KuCoin.

KuCoin is a Singapore-headquartered exchange and the first cryptocurrency trading platform to list Caspian’s CSP. Caspian’s CEO Robert Dykes proudly commented on this development emphasizing Caspian as a forefront of digital asset management and that they see KuCoin as a partner whose affairs and strategy are aligned with their goal of strengthening institutional participation in the crypto space.

Caspian’s platform is aiming towards the high-volume investment managers and traders and is giving services like order and execution management system or OEMS, portfolio management system (PMS), and risk management system (RMS). The platform provides single window access to major digital currency exchanges with services that include pairs trading and smart order routing, real-time and historical P&L, integrated compliance engine, and exposure tracking.

The platform’s website, Caspian is contending for global expansion with offices in several countries such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Cluj-Napoca, San Francisco, Jersey, New York, and Sydney.

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