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XR Web is a decentralized network protocol that converts physical space into a secured and encrypted three-dimensional internet space where content and applications can be projected, displayed and transacted. We are building the core infrastructure and SDK upon which various dapps can be built including

XR Web is also part of Google Startups Surge Program and Nvidia Inception program. They were also part of DMZ Zone Accelerator in Toronto, Canada — largest startup Accelerator in Canada.

  • XR Gaming,
  • XR Social Media,
  • XR Real estate,
  • XR Advertising,
  • XR Ride sharing,
  • XR Home-sharing,
  • XR Retail
  • XR Insurance
  • And many others, etc

XR Tokens MainNet is already live. XR holders can stake their XRs again geolocation on XR Web Staking platform https://www.blockchain.xrweb.network. After staking, XR Stakers will get rewards every week based on activities on the XR Web after ICO / IEO is over.

Special Investment offer for Community before official IEO / ICO sales

30% Bonus on investment in XR Tokens.

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XR Tokens will be tradeable against BTC, ETH and USDT in several major exchanges around the world after ICO/IEO. Legal Opinion is already available that XR token is a utility token and not a security.

XR Tokens MainNet is already live. XR Tokens are used for:
1) Accessing XR apps 
2) Staking & Reward share on XR Web (PoGS)

XR Staking by PoGS (Proof of GeoStaking) Method

XR holders can stake their XRs against geolocation on XR Web Staking platform by first come first serve basis at www.blockchain.xrweb.network . After staking, XR Stakers they will get rewards every week based on activities on the XR Web after ICO / IEO is over. Tutorial on Staking on XR Web as per

  • ETH Account less than 5000 XR — Rewarded pro-rate for activities within 25 miles of stake
  • ETH Account more than 5000 XR — Rewarded pro-rate for activities from activities anywhere on network

Tutorial for XR Staking. This video was on TestNet but have now moved to MainNet. Same Steps are applicable:

More links :

ICO Bench: https://icobench.com/ico/xr-web
Telegram: @gofindxr

Email: ico@xrweb.network

Website: https://www.xrweb.network

Investment Portal: https://www.ico.xrweb.network

ICO Bench: https://icobench.com/ico/xr-web


CargoConX: Uberizing B2B Transport and Logistics

The transportation world is seeing a massive profit in the present era. There are over millions of products which have been transported from one place to other every day. Some get the transport within the nation where are some takes place out of the country. There are over thousands of ways by which you can get your products transported easily. But the problem with the transport industry is on-time delivery and security of the product. But due to some reasons, these things don’t stay on time. So to revolutionize these issues, we introduce you to the Cargoconx system. This is a system where all the road transport and other kinds of logistics things get easy uberize which makes the product reach on time and make it reach safely.

With this blockchain system, the process gets much easy to work on with. This is a revolutionary way which changes the world transportation system easily. So here we shall discuss out what Cargoconx system is all about followed by detailing you out about all the features of the Cargoconx. Here we shall also look at the possible information like the token information’s followed by the social world information. But before we head for it let’s have a look at what Cargoconx is all about.

CARGOCONX features

Cargoconx is a revolutionary platform in the world of transportation. Here the system gets a transparent and easy way to work on with the system. The system helps the users to get transportation and other transportation-related things to uberize and get the work done on time. The process to work on with the system is very easy and has helped many to work on with it. The system gets a high efficiency with its work which allows it to maintain its remarks. The on-time work process led to support the supply chain on the system quickly. The Cargoconx system is far better than the traditional way of the transportation market. The main aim of the system is to provide smooth, quick and straightforward transportation facility. This system has been accepted by many which have helped many to get their work done on time. As the process is smooth, it has helped many of the business houses to work on with the Cargoconx system efficiently increasing production. So this was all about the Cargoconx system now let’s have a look at the features of the Cargoconx system which will allow its users to know more about the system and how it works with.

Features of the CargoConX

Here we shall show you about the features of the Cargoconx which will show how the system runs. These features will also help you what the capabilities of the Cargoconx are.

  • CC Go APP– The system comes with an app which allows the consumers to get with the system work efficiently and helps to track down the product quickly. Many are in use of the app and have gained hugely from the system. The app is very convenient to use with and comes with a secure toggle system. Here you can get a reliable notification system which will allow the users to get an instant note about their product. Here with the system, you can easily communicate within the network about your product and shipment details. The interface of the app is excellent an come loaded with different things which makes the system work quickly with ease of time.
  • CC marketplace– This system will allow its user to get an instant note about their product and other information like the market followed by the info on the vehicle and availability of the car which helps to get an approximate idea about the system. Here you can also get the information on the shipment status which will help you to make a better unloading location status for the product. There are over thousands of people who are in use of it as they can get a real-time track of your product quickly. The best in the classification algorithm has made the system run smooth and get a better backbone about the system. In recent time the system has seen huge updates which has made the system get much better updates on the track. In the coming time, there will be other changes which will make it possible to work better with the system.
  • CC Pay– The system comes with its currency system as it is under the blockchain technology it gets easy for the transaction of products quickly. The best in the blockchain has helped in the better run of the operation within the business system easily. The security system on this platform is too excellent which means you can get your any kinds of transfer done with the system quickly. As it is a blockchain system, so there is no interference of any third party system. With this network, you don’t have to work on with verification system as the system knows who is the user and helps you to work with quickly. This comfortable and secure transaction system has helped many to get associated with the system. In the coming time, there will be a huge consumer involved in the system.
  • Low in cost fees– The system is low in cost and helps many to work with quickly. In other transport systems, things are not the same. There you have to come up with huge fees which ultimately get less in profit. But with the help of this system, you can get a massive hit on the network. There are over thousands of transactions which take place in this system, but the transaction fees which is charged is very less. There are no hidden fees involved in the system which means you get full transparency followed by maintaining the security of the system quickly. In coming time things will get change as the charges will be less as compared to that of the other. With less in charge fees, you can get a massive hit in the system making it rank top on the market.
  • Track on the Goods– With the help of this system you can get a real-time track of your products and shipments easily. This real-time track system has helped many to get a better estimate about the product, and incoming time the track system will get much better. There are over millions of products which get shipped daily with the system but with the help of this system you can get a real-time track of your products quickly. The real-time track is first introduced here which is also a revolutionary move by the system. With this system, you can note the proper movement of your products and help it to land safely to you. This innovative track system has now been used by other transport systems too.

So this was all about the features of the Cargoconx system which will help you to know about the system quickly. Now let’s have a look at the information’s on the token system of the Cargoconx. This token system will help you to know what the present valuation of the system is.

Token information

Here we shall inform you about the token pricing and all the other information related with the token.

  • Token ticket– TICS.
  • Token ICO price– 1TICS=0.07 USD.
  • Price– 1 TICS=0.11 USD.
  • Platform– Stellar.
  • Accepting-ETH,FIAT.
  • Minimum investment– 100 USD.
  • Soft cap– 500,000 USD.
  • Hard cap– 260,000,000 TICS.
  • White sale– 25%.
  • Public sale– 40%.
  • Company reserves– 10%.
  • Founding team member– 15%.
  • Advisers-10%.

So this was all about the token information about the system. Now let’s have a look at the information in the social world.

Information’s related to the social world

Here we shall guide you with the information on the social world which will help you know how active they are in the world of social media and how people are reacting about the system.

  • Twitter– Twitter is considered to be the best medium for interactions and communicating. Here in the world of Twitter, there has been a massive appreciation with all the followers and comments which the system gets after the post published by the company. There are over thousands of people who love this system, and they are in constant wait for any new updates from this system which shows how active the system is.
  • Facebook– The world of Facebook has a deep connection in the world with the highest number of using this platform is well known to reach people. There are over millions of people who are in associated with the system and have shown good results in the coming time. In the world of Facebook, there are over thousands of people who have liked the page and get a constant update from the system. In the coming time, there will much of new things which the uses can easy be notified with the Facebook page. The comments on this page are positive which shows how concern they are about the system.

So this was all about the social media ground which shows how they are and how strongly things are on their side. In the coming time, they are sure to get much of positive feedbacks from them. Now let’s have a look at what team members who are associated with the system.


So this was all about the CargoChain system which you should look on. Here we have mentioned out all the information’s on the features and other related issues which will be necessary for you all. He we have also mentioned on the information on the token price followed by the social world information which will help you to know about the thing more precisely. So hurry get a look on this system to get the best transportation system easily.


XR Web: A Decentralized Extended Reality (XR) Platform On The Blockchain

XR Web formerly known as GofindXR is a decentralized extended reality (XR) platform and virtual world on top of the real world which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Compared to other digital worlds based on virtual reality (VR), digital content is loaded on top of the real world in AR, utilizing a smartphone or smart glasses. It will permit users to continue being connected to the real world and other people around them, while continuously encountering virtual content.

This project has its own economy and virtual currency called the XR Token. It is utilized to register land and secure transactions on the XR Web. Several applications that includes social media, games and shopping can be developed on this new XR Land as it it the new 3D Internet. Using the XR tokens, investors and users can stake them to a specific geographical locations and receive a revenue share from ads or transactions in the applications from transaction charges and applications.

The Key Components Of XR Ecosystem

XR Browser
It is the camera-based mobile spatial browser that will allow users to see the XR web directly. This element will enable users to experience internet surfing in XR mode on the go on both iOS and Android phones. The demo versions of this are now available. Conclusively the browser will transition for smart glasses as they become regular place.

XR Web
It is the collection of the geolocations and connected assets and applications. Components of the XR Land can be rented by users by staking XR tokens. All critical transaction in the XR Land such as Land ownership is registered on the blockchain.

XR Token
This is the cryptographic currency that is utilized in Gofind’s XR Land for leasing XR Land and many other transactions.

It is the standardized system of URLs directing to exact locations in the XR Web from a distant location than the location in reference. It can be reached by compatible XR browsers using the prefix ‘xtpps://’.

XR Lens Store & SDK
Lenses are comparable to web apps in 2D internet. Lenses are built utilizing the free SDKs in Unity and Javascript.

XR Ads Engine
It is a self-serve platform for marketers to set ads on XR world and for developers and builders to make their share of revenue. This XR part allows users to view ads in virtual reality as well as XR Web. The Ad engine will be accessible to serve ads in XR Land as well as in other AR applications outside the XR Land. Advertisers will be capable to bid on ads based off of location, demographics, dates and budget. Ads of highest bidder is promoted until spend operates out followed by the next highest bid.

How XR Web Works


Mobile App XR Browser Screenshot


Potenial Use And Applications Using XR

For Games
The Niantic’s Pokemon has previously illustrated how compelling AR gaming can be. The blast of AR Gaming is coming up. The team are making the Library store and Economy for AR Gaming advance.

For Shopping
A virtual makeover is creating tides in the beauty industry; the motor trade is becoming involved too. With Land Rover providing the keys to customers in order to ‘drive’ their SUVs by clicking on a banner ad; IKEA’s AR solution created using Apple’s AR development platform ARKit allows consumers use an app to place any of the company’s 2,000 products in its catalogue to-scale, in a room in their home, via the camera on their phone; and only Gap announced ‘Dressing Room.’

For Social Media
Extended reality (XR) is already hitting social media and its made so for years now. It looks like AR is taking over the most popular social networks in the globally including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and this new AR technology is introduced all the time. Plus, these topmost social networks are very much inspiring people to not only apply their AR features as much as possible, but even to build their own AR experiences by supplying the tools they need to make AR camera lenses and effects.

The XR Web Team

The team is composed of skilled individuals from arrays of field. They are led by Manindra MajumdarXR Web Founder and CEO and has worked in international business for over 7 years in 15+ countries. He earned his MBA from the Hult International Business School (San Francisco, USA) and is a known AI, AR & Blockchain expert.

Other distinguished members are Sanjay Chaudhuri as the Chief Technology Officer, Haw Leng as the Chief Growth Officer, and Bogdan Sizov positioning as the Director of Blockchain.

XR Web Official Social Media Pages



EncrypGen: A Peer-To-Peer DNA Marketplace

EncrypGen is a Blockchain based technology that aims in bringing the benefits of Blockchain to the genome research. EncrypGen is headquartered at Coral Springs, Florida in the USA. EncrypGen has envisioned a new platform called the Gene-Chain which will in time give the patients greater control over their genetic data. The Gene-Chain is a perfect framework to store delicate information like one’s genetic code. The users can use Gene-Chain to control the access to their genetic data. If they want the users can make their gene data available for research purposes and can be rewarded instantly.

EncrypGen Team

EncrypGen has David Koepsell, J.D./Ph.D, as the co-founder and CEO. Vanessa Gonzalez is another Co-founder and also the genome science advisor. Maurizio Viviani who is an industry expert in parallel processing, supercomputing, and computer programming. Gianvanco Tavella is an expert in large data management and business intelligence.

The company has also acquired many partners including Curlew research, sapience, The NVIDIA inception program and Multi-chain.

How does EncrypGen/GENE chain work? 

The whole functioning of EncrypGen is based on the platform which they call the Gene-Chain. The company whitepaper describes Gene Chain as “a solution for enhancing privacy, security, and utility in genomic databases.” The main attraction is that the data storage in Gene Chain is free of cost.

The Gene-chain can be accessed only by using the tokens or coins that EncrypGen sells, namely the Gene-Chain Coins. Using the Gene-Chain, people and organizations can store genetic data for business purposes or personal uses and still have complete control over it. The data and Gene chain can only be accessed with the permission of the owner.

The Gene Chain Coin is also available in public through mining, using the passive nodes. The Gene Chain Coin is also available for sale in the open market.

The data which you store in the Genome Chain is virtually uncheckable to anyone as it is encrypted. The user can access it by using one’s own private keys. So the gene chain is in charge of security of your data. As a security measure gene chain inspects each transaction and also every individual transaction has its unique signature, so that it can be looked into, if necessary.

The EncrypGen ICO

The initial coin offering started in June and was running up to July at the official EncrypGen website. The encrypGen wallets will be distributed when EncrypGen reaches its goal, currently set at one thousand BTC.

Initially, one BTC purchase offered 76000 EncrypGen Coins. It came down by five percentages each week as the initial coin offering went on. Purchase of five BTC gave five percent more coins.

There is a plan to sell 100 million coins in which 80 million will be offered to the public, 10 million are reserved to the development team, 5 million for marketing and 5 million for bonuses.


Nowadays we are all getting genetic tests, but nobody knows how to store it safely and securely. Here is where the Gene Chain comes in. Gene Chain uses Blockchain technology to usher a new era of genetic research and gene storage. It is developed in such a way that the patient will have no trouble in storing their genetic data without the fear of it being misused.

One of the main advantages is that the Gene Chain is a decentralized platform meaning the user or the patient is in control of their own data, and it cannot be used without their consent. It also allows them to access their genetic data from anywhere around the world; we can present the whole data or a part at a doctors request. The Gene Chain is a technology for the future, and the future does look bright for EncrypGen.

Crypterium: The Future of Digital Banking and Cryptocurrencies

The global demand for cashless payments continues to increase at such a pace that the end of cash as the payment option is now a stark existence. This rapid need even intensified at the introduction of mobile contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay, Alipay, Google Pay, and an entire host of other advanced solutions. Likewise, the cryptoeconomy and cryptocurrencies, in particular, are developing at a phenomenal rate. However, the universal transaction processing for cryptocurrency against fiat based goods is basically non-existent. That is why a system was designed and developed to solve this concern called Crypterium.

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium endeavors to become the leading platform to advance bank services for the cryptocurrency. It intends to function similarly to traditional, real-world financial services but rather will service anyone in the crypto-currency field on a decentralized network.

Users will perform payment transactions comparable to regular fiat currency. But in Crypterium’s ecosystem, activities will be managed using e-wallet cards. Additionally, the platform supports linkage to fiat currencies advancing it accessible for its users to convert between both assets. As a new crypto bank, Crypterium is a revolutionary concept established to transform the world of cryptocurrencies and banking.

Crypterium Products And Services

Crypterium proposes to implement bank-like services to cryptocurrency users. Among those products and services comprise:

Cryptenium features


Mobile Cryptobank:
Crypterium will render instant cryptocurrency payments, loyalty plans and cashback, contactless payments via, QR, NFC, and AndroidPay ApplePay, and other banking assistance.

Cryptocurrency Acquisition:
Crypterium ensures to generate “solutions for every sphere of retail trade and services,” including native alliances with PoS software and crypto-to-fiat contracts.

OpenAPI Platform:
Crypterium gives an app store for direct cryptocurrency software and solutions. It also has its decentralized server support and third-party integrations.

Credit Token Exchange:
Crypterium extends no borders in financial services, native integrations with the latest credits scoring systems, and a marketplace where users can exchange derivatives.

Platform And Technology

Crypterium’s platform is created to accommodate blockchain based banking assistance for cryptocurrencies holder. Comparable to conventional banks, its platform facilitates financial transactions utilizing only cryptocurrencies. Fundamentally, the platform targets global users of cryptocurrencies. In this way, Crypterium’s crypto bank revolutionize how banking operations transpire.

Its digital solution is developed from the Ethereum blockchain standards and is named Crypto-bank 2.0. The company has produced a mobile application within which crypto banking transactions will happen. Users will be capable of performing all their crypto-based transactions utilizing this mobile app. It is accessible in both Android and iOS mobile programs.

Users are required to install Crypterium’s app on their mobile devices where they can begin transactions utilizing traditional cards based technologies like Union Pay, MasterCard, or Visa Card. After doing so, users can pay for some service employing any cryptocurrency at NFC compatible POS terminals.

The Crypto-bank mobile app controls the NFC-HFC protocol to tokenize all interactions within the app and the host terminal. While on a transaction, an NFC terminal reads transferred data as it would a real plastic card. Plus, it is anticipated that this feature will be extended to include ATM withdrawals and other regular banking activities.

The CRPT Token

CRPT is the standard cryptocurrency assigned by Crypterium. It is applied as the only method of paying transaction charges employed in crypto-fiat activities. Every time someone executes a payment utilizing Crypterium app, a fee equivalent to 0.5% of the cost of the transaction in CRPT is taken from the user’s account and burned as fuel which is governed by the smart-contract, and directed at the current exchange rate.

CRPT tokens can also be used as a means of paying expenses applied to other, non crypto-fiat, transactions in Crypterium App for a limited period or indefinitely, by the decision of Crypterium. In this case, CRPT tokens can be applied as a sole or additional method of paying transaction fees. Unlike tokens used to pay for charges applied to crypto-fiat payments, those tokens may not be burned.

ERC20 Token Standard develops CRPT tokens and works on Ethereum.

Token Distribution

CRPT token distribution● 70%: Total ICO distribution to the community
● 15%: Tokens allocated for marketing and loyalty purposes
● 9%: Reserved for the founders and management of the ICO
● 3%: Reserved for ICO partner advisers
● 3%: Reserved for marketing campaign team


Cryptenium roadmap

Managing Team

Crypterium’s management team headed by the founding partners, Vladimir Gorbunov and Gleb Markov, is made up of highly experienced digital payment experts from some of the most innovative FinTech divisions in Europe, who have spent several years advancing digital payment and banking solutions. Experienced financial professionals back this team and experienced C-level executives who have developed worldwide.

Cryptenium team

The team has drawn more than $50m of investment into fintech projects they have been responsible for creating and developing, including PayQR, Workle, and Bonus Club, a digital loyalty program that is integrated inside leading publishers’ web sites.