CEEK – Virtual Reality On The Blockchain

CEEK is a blockchain based technology which allows artists and content creators to stream their productions in Virtual Reality (VR) for anyone with a VR headset for mobile to enjoy. CEEK has managed to secure partnership with companies such as Universal Music, Apple and T-Mobile, CEEK is allowing users to experience sold out star studded shows for everyone all around the world. CEEK has something special called the celebrity coin mint where any artist who wants to perform can create their own custom minted coins that act as tickets for shows; the main gain of this system is that it allows the artist to get connected to untapped revenue streams.

By using this clever piece of technology, the artists can create their own virtual concerts and sell unlimited tickets as there are no physical boundaries in CEEK’s Virtual world. These artists can not only sell tickets but also they can sell their own merchandise which are authentic and verified on the blockchain that can be traded within CEEK’s ecosystem: CEEK City. This will help them generate much more revenue in minimal investment. CEEK counts with several venues that will feature different VR entertainment productions such as live music events, sports events, VR movies and more.



CEEK is a virtual reality company best known for its CEEK Virtual Reality Headset. You buy the headset, start the CEEK app, and slot your phone into the front of the headset to experience VR concerts.

Using CEEK’s app and headset, you can get VR experiences for concerts, backstage access, learning, VR games, documentaries, and more. The app features contents from mainstream artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Elton John, The Killer, and more.  Recently CEEK has managed to sign a partnership agreement with universal studios. So CEEK can feature any artist from the universal family making CEEK a huge deal and has made virtual concert the next big thing. CEEK’s headset is already available to purchase from Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers for around $80. Now, CEEK plans to branch into crypto currencies by creating its own tokens.

The Team

CEEK team

CEEK has mary spio at its helm as the founder and the chief executive officer. She held key positions at
Next Galaxy Corp, Gen2Media and The Boeing Corporation before starting CEEK. Christopher J cramer is the chief blockchain engineer at CEEK. Ray Gagnon is the vice president of sales at CEEK. Lauri Clark is the Chief operations officer at CEEK. Akim Mellington is the director of global partnerships. Saibaba Talluri is the vice president of global strategy.Alex Lasarev is the chief marketing officer.

How Does CEEK Work?

Like we discussed earlier, CEEK will allow artists to use a special tool called the Celebrity Coin Mint. This mint creates unique custom coins which will act as an entry pass to one unique event which that ticket is made for.  Artists can issue coins prior to a concert, for example. Then, anyone who purchases those coins can “attend” the concert by playing it through the CEEK VR app.

All these coins have their own Ethereum address. Artists can uniquely sign each token to prove its legitimacy.

The idea behind CEEK tokens is that when you doa contribution to the platform you can earn coins and watch your favourate stars front row. If you create your own original quality content with your unique knowledge or skills using this platform, then you can earn CEEK tokens.

These coins have their own Ethereum address. Artists can uniquely sign each token to prove its legitimacy.

The idea behind CEEK tokens is that you can earn tokens in exchange for making contributions to the platform. If you create quality content – like your own unique knowledge or skills – with the platform through an educational event, for example, then you can earn CEEK tokens.

Developers can also earn CEEK tokens by leveraging CEEK’s VR authoring tools, open APIs, and SDKs, allowing them to create custom virtual environments, venues, or digital goods inside of the CEEK ecosystem. The CEEK ecosystem is headquartered in a virtual environment called “CEEK City”.

Finally, CEEK token holders can vote on various initiatives and roles. The CEEK ecosystem will be governed by people like the Governor, the Director of VR Programming, and other community-elected officials.


CEEK is a virtual reality environment currently available to download for iOS and Android. You download the app, then purchase the CEEK headset from Amazon, Best Buy, or target at around eighty dollars to begin experiencing virtual reality content.

The company recently announced a token sale for CEEK tokens. CEEK tokens will be used for all transactions within the CEEK ecosystem – including the virtual environment known as CEEK City. With the team, advisors and the partnerships they have, CEEK looks like a sure fire success. Tose who want to invest should do a profound and deep research of their own before investing.

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