CoinPoker (CHP) – An Innovative Poker Room Powered by Blockchain Technology

As time flies fast, the way human lives changes too. As we can see today, almost everything around us has associated with digital technologies already. It is a no surprise that even the traditional games like pokers are now reinvented with touches of the modern system. You are maybe more familiar with the conventional and external poker inside casinos. But experts believe that online venues are more inexpensive and safer to use. If you haven’t heard yet about the online play famous today, you must check this out!

Although electronic pokers are well-known today, no one can deny the fact that some of it is vulnerable to fraud cases and have experienced many problems regarding online processes. It is hard for the users to control their funds. There are also transparency and trust issues that cause less integrity of the game. Even withdrawals and payment transactions experience some troubles too! These problems mentioned are what CoinPoker expertly handles.

What is CoinPoker?

CoinPoker is a right place for poker that is constructed with blockchain technology. It will undoubtedly provide great worth for members of the crypto community and online poker as well. It brings the latest cryptocurrency CHP that will be used to perform poker securely and quickly. The on the web poker system of CoinPoker is made to change the traditional way the poker runs. Users can connect to it from many places around the world. Tokens will be used to play. Make sure you play fairly but securing your funds at the same time. CoinPoker can give instant and safe transaction by using advanced blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Introducing the CHP token

CHP is the cryptocurrency that CoinPoker will use. It can be purchased online anytime, anywhere. Processing of CHP can be done in a fast manner like in funding and withdrawing from accounts. It is available worldwide and can be trading in market exchanges. It has to be listed on big and trust-worthy trading platform to be traded easily. Holders can only use the CHP on CoinPoker where it is legally allowed.

Unique Features and Characteristics of CoinPoker

The platform has lots of distinct elements that make it a right place for poker playing.

  • Token Accessibility
    CHP, an Ethereum based cryptocurrency can be obtained regardless of where the user is. Transactions like deposits and withdrawals can be done in just seconds through the latest technology of smart contracts.
  • RNG Transparency
    The RNG which stands for Random number generation is considered the life of all poker room. It is on the blockchain; therefore it is very transparent, and anyone can see it. CoinPoker maintains the integrity of every game by making random shuffles provided by blockchain technology.
  • Data Privacy and Protection
    Smart contracts assure the anonymity and security of the holders. Supported by strong legal views globally, poker area will work by a straightforward sign-up procedure. It will prevent repetitive users private info collection.
  • Distribution of Funds
    CoinPoker is a very economical system for it gives back the fifteen percent of overall funds collected during ICO. Members of the community will receive those through bonus or promotion. Millions number of chips will be given away as extra winning prizes on series of tournament events. Users should armor their selves with great gaming skills though.
  • Provides Fair Game
    CoinPoker is equipped with the security of Fairplay. It has a system that will always check or monitor all actions made by its users. All inputs will be observed as well. By doing so, and not fair or unhealthy games will be identified and removed. Any players or the program itself can perform the identification and elimination of those.

How to verify CoinPoker account using SMS verification?

Before anyone can start playing in CoinPoker, they have to undergo a simple verification method when initializing accounts including age confirmation. It will eliminate multiple accounts owning and prevent foul games.

CoinPoker provided an additional option for activating accounts. It is the verification through SMS KYC process best for account owners who have a phone not compatible with the latest app version. No need to download the Civic application.

Follow these easy four steps in verifying.

  • Sign up first.
  • Choose the SMS verification option in registering an account. You will receive a verification code then.
  • Enter the exact code in CoinPoker app.
  • You can now log in it and ready for hitting the tables.

Account verification is a must because it keeps accounts secured. If the players loss its access, they are sure that no one can log using their account. Through this, no one can make more than one account.

The team members

They say the achievements or failures of any businesses vary on the effect their team can provide. A great person brings success while incompetent person gives only downfalls. Thus, it is relevant to know them first before anyone enters or make an investment in it.

Now it is time to know all the great members of the competent team of CoinPoker starting with the Chief Officer for Development and lead developer René Buotestijn. He is an excellent engineer of software for gaming online and mastered the area for a decade now. Next to the list is Justas Kregzde. He is the CTO and Smart Contract Developer and one of the contributors to ten good Android Games of the history. Michael Josem leads the security team and prevents any possible cases of fraud. Isabelle Mercier manages the community. She is also a professional player of poker with more than one million worth of winnings. Paulius Mikaliunas manages products of poker and a professional player as well. He takes the lead of poker operation. Lastly is Alex Mishiev. He is expert in performing strategies for online businesses and marketing. He is excellent in making profit increases, and efficiency maximizes.

Mike Segal, Teresa Nuosiainen, Danilo S. Carlucci, Eugene Dubossarsky, Brian Thomas Hall and Chad Burgess support the team by sharing their essential advice. They help CoinPoker in decision making and legal consulting.

CoinPoker and its Partnership

CoinPoker has partnered with ValueNet Capital, DigitalX, PokerNews, High Stakes Database and PokerTube. They equally support the system to be known and help CoinPoker to get to the top of the crypto business.

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