CoinPoker (CHP) Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency Poker Room

CoinPoker is a poker room developed on blockchain technology that offers excellent benefit for poker players and random users. Poker players will profit from games available at remarkably competitive rakes with substantial valued added rewards and promotions to direct traffic and potential recognition of their CHPs connected with the development of a strong poker economy.

CoinPoker is not just theory, but the core software is now developed and ready to operate. Users can download at start experiencing poker at its best.

This online poker platform is set to transform the system of how online poker works. Users are able to join on CoinPoker platform from anyplace in the world, utilize tokens to play, and be assured of the security of funds. Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology will further assist CoinPoker to offer instant, hassle-free transactions from every side of the globe.

CoinPoker Excellent Features

Users can obtain Ethereum-based CHP cryptocurrency wherever in the world it is located. The smart contract technology allows users for deposits & withdrawals and reach on opted e-wallet within seconds.

Random number generation (RNG) is the core of every poker room. CoinPoker uses the most advanced technology to randomize shuffling and increase game integrity effectively, and because RNG is on blockchains, they are ensuring transparency for everyone.

Smart contracts guarantee the token holders’ anonymity and safety. Supported by solid legal views worldwide, the poker room will work with a maximally simplified registration process, bypassing redundant user personal data compilation.

15% of the total ICO funding will be rendered to the community, through promotions and bonuses. The opening match set will have additional prize pools –millions of CHPs- that players can win.

CoinPoker’s Fairplay security and fraud system monitors user actions, as well as the user data. With it, it will be able to identify and eliminate illegal play in all kinds, by players, and by programs.

Chips (CHP) As CoinPoker’s Official Currency

CoinPoker official token is called Chips (CHP). Chips is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum and can be utilized for buy-in for all plays on CoinPoker. The CHP is divisible to 18 decimal points, just like ETH cryptocurrency and is transferable as well. As the CHP increases in value, it will be available to set game boundaries respectively secured to the EURO.

CoinPoker’s Milestone

CoinPoker is presently in advance development with the MVP finished. This ICO is different from everywhere in the marketplace as they have a working product, which can launch right after the ICO. Their play money version of CoinPoker has already provided proof of concept. With that said, there will be proceeded development post-ICO and notable testing before launch.

The Team Behind CoinPoker’s Success

The project is heavily supported by the poker society as well as crypto enthusiasts all over the world. The advisors’ board comprises such major names as HSDB, Pokertube, PokerNews, as well as Brian Hall, Warren Lush, Teresa Nousiainen. They’re proposing to add numerous famous people including poker pros and crypto business sharks as the project advances.

René Boutestijn – Chief Development Officer
René is an online gaming software engineer that has more than a decade experience working in the field. As a lead developer, he concentrated in developing multi-player online-based games like poker, backgammon, chess, rummy, and other card games. René’s comprehensive history in the industry enables him to create on best principles as well as deliver with the newest innovations in the business.

Justas Kregždė – CTO & Smart Contract Developer
Justas is an online gaming software developer and has more than 12 years of experience in the area. Additionally, he is an author & a contributor to several published iOS and Android games. Over the last year, he has been concentrating on blockchain associated projects & smart contracts.

Michael Josem – Head of Security
Michael is a specialist when it comes to online gaming security and fraud restriction. He is best known for unscrewing two major cheating scandals in the poker world and has been operating in the same field for more than a decade. His experience working at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker allow him to contribute insightful analysis on problems affecting players, in-game transparency, and security.

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