KuCoin Announces Listing Of CoinPoker (CHP)

KuCoin announces that another cryptocurrency is listed on its huge platform. CoinPoker is now included on Kucoin. CHP can now be deposited and can be traded inside the platform at 20:00 May 16, 2018 (UTC+8).  Supported trading pairs are CHP/ETH and CHP/BTC.

CoinPoker (CHP) gets listed on KuCoin!

About CoinPoker

It is the perfect room for online poker which is produced using blockchain technology. It gives excellent value for members of community and for online poker also. It delivers the most recent cryptocurrency CHP that will be applied to execute poker safely and quickly. The online poker system of CoinPoker is built to change the regular way how poker works. Users can connect to it from any places. CoinPoker offers immediate and safe transaction by means of cryptocurrency and advanced blockchain technology.

Characteristics and Great Features of CoinPoker

The CoinPoker has many unique elements that help it to be the best area for poker gaming. CHP is very accessible to everyone. The cryptocurrency can be purchase no matter where the user is. Transactions are quickly done in seconds by means of smart contracts.

The RNG or Random Number Generation is believed to be the heart of poker room. It is very transparent and anyone can see it.. CoinPoker gains the integrity of game through the random shuffles made by blockchain technology.

Smart contracts provide data anonymity and protection of holders. Signing-up processes are very easy and equipped with verification procedure. It will prevent repetitive users’ sensitive data collection.

It also returns the 15% of total funds collected during ICO through bonuses and promotions. A million CHP awaits for all players on series of tournament events. Prepare your greatest gaming skills for this.

CoinPoker has the Fairplay security which will regularly check actions done by users. All inputs are monitored too. By doing so, all unfair and unhealthy play will be recognized and will then be removed.

Partnership of CoinPoker

It has partnered with PokerTube, High Stakes Database, PokerNews, ValueNet Capital and DigitalX. They support and assist the system to be known by everyone and to get in top of crypto business.

The Team

The Chief Officer for Development and lead developer René Buotestijn lead the team. He is an excellent engineer of software for gaming online and mastered the area for a decade now. Next to the list is Justas Kregzde. He is the CTO and Smart Contract Developer and one of the contributors of ten good Android Games of the history. Michael Josem leads the security team and prevents any possible cases of fraud. Isabelle Mercier manages the community. She is also a professional player of poker with more than one million worth of winnings. Paulius Mikaliunas manages products of poker and a professional player as well. He takes lead of poker operation. Lastly is Alex Mishiev. He is expert in performing strategies for online businesses and marketing.  He is excellent in making profit increases and efficiency maximizes. Mike Segal, Teresa Nuosiainen, Danilo S. Carlucci, Eugene Dubossarsky, Brian Thomas Hall and Chad Burgess support the team by sharing their significant advices. They help CoinPoker in decision making and legal consulting.

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