BCNEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Officially Announces The Coin Voting Event

BCNEX, a newly launched cryptocurrency trading platform, is once again announcing an exciting event for their community and future users to participate. This program is called “The Coin Voting – Round.” This event commences today until September 13, 2019, for the final verdict. The coin or token with the highest garnered voted will be listed […]

Helios Protocol: An Infinitely Scalable Cryptocurrency And Smart Contract Platform

There are many ventured approaches to solving scaling problems such as reducing the interval between blocks, increasing the block size, handling transactions off-chain, using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture, blockchain network sharding, etc. However, most of these solutions can only control on the order of 1000’s of transactions per second. It is a considerable […]

Dynamite Token (DYNMT): Crypto World’s Best-known Deflationary Currency

The conventional cryptocurrencies customarily have a large circulating supply, which makes it hard for its value to grow as the market cap would be unrealistically high. Deflationary cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, typically have a considerable lower initial supply and a percentage of tokens is burned with each transaction. This theory drives to the analysis […]

Nodis Decentralized Platform: Revolutionizing The Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies are constantly evolving and changing at a fast pace, and one of the most significant players is understandably the social media influencer. The Nodis online platform, a new blockchain based project, built a whole environment that brings these social media influencers, brand, and all potential customers collectively. Therefore, creating strong connections between […]

Atomars Exchange: Connecting The Worlds Of Fiat And Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, blockchain-based projects are daily increasing in number and so with its transaction tokens that are popularly known as cryptocurrency. This currency is not the typical asset that can be traded or can be processed with traditional banking method. It requires a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other […]

XR Web: Innovating Industries and Social Experience By Extended Reality (XR)

The modern era started a compelling, broad, and imagination-inspiring time where people’s experiences and reality is extended by means of merging the physical and virtual world. It fulfills to an advanced technology called Extended Reality (XR). It incorporates Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and newly-developed immersive technologies, combines and engages users at more profound, more meaningful […]

BCNEX – Revolutionizing The Crypto Exchange Industry

The emergence of cryptocurrency has made a huge impact on technology, economy, and society. Since Satoshi’s bitcoin phenomena, the entire world was shaken with this new approach that has evolved the financial market. It has become a new trend in the world of investment for real fair reasons. People who invested in cryptocurrency benefitted in […]

EdenChain: A Programmable Economy Platform

The Programmable Economy existed when the blockchain and the economic system meets. Programmable Economy is a modern economic system that benefits intangible and tangible costs, with blockchain technology, and openly trades through the Internet without a middleman. At present, there are two major technical problems in accomplishing programmable economics in blockchain technology. They are Performance […]

Flixxo A Community Based Video Distribution

The blockchain is revolutionizing the way we live and socialize with the world. It is transforming the whole system of finance and economics by changing the direction without intermediaries. It is not restricted to transfer of currency, but it has many real-world purposes. An excellent platform which utilizes the Blockchain technology for video distribution is […]

Crypto Processing Solution Made Easy By CoinsPaid

Even though it started relatively recently, electronic money has earned exceptional popularity globally. Such factors aid it as the convenience of paying for goods in online stores, fast transaction processing, and the application of modern technologies to guarantee security. And among the most promising types of electronic money is cryptocurrency. Since 2016, the aggregate market […]