Crypterium: The Future of Digital Banking and Cryptocurrencies

The global demand for cashless payments continues to increase at such a pace that the end of cash as the payment option is now a stark existence. This rapid need even intensified at the introduction of mobile contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay, Alipay, Google Pay, and an entire host of other advanced solutions. Likewise, the cryptoeconomy and cryptocurrencies, in particular, are developing at a phenomenal rate. However, the universal transaction processing for cryptocurrency against fiat based goods is basically non-existent. That is why a system was designed and developed to solve this concern called Crypterium.

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium endeavors to become the leading platform to advance bank services for the cryptocurrency. It intends to function similarly to traditional, real-world financial services but rather will service anyone in the crypto-currency field on a decentralized network.

Users will perform payment transactions comparable to regular fiat currency. But in Crypterium’s ecosystem, activities will be managed using e-wallet cards. Additionally, the platform supports linkage to fiat currencies advancing it accessible for its users to convert between both assets. As a new crypto bank, Crypterium is a revolutionary concept established to transform the world of cryptocurrencies and banking.

Crypterium Products And Services

Crypterium proposes to implement bank-like services to cryptocurrency users. Among those products and services comprise:

Cryptenium features


Mobile Cryptobank:
Crypterium will render instant cryptocurrency payments, loyalty plans and cashback, contactless payments via, QR, NFC, and AndroidPay ApplePay, and other banking assistance.

Cryptocurrency Acquisition:
Crypterium ensures to generate “solutions for every sphere of retail trade and services,” including native alliances with PoS software and crypto-to-fiat contracts.

OpenAPI Platform:
Crypterium gives an app store for direct cryptocurrency software and solutions. It also has its decentralized server support and third-party integrations.

Credit Token Exchange:
Crypterium extends no borders in financial services, native integrations with the latest credits scoring systems, and a marketplace where users can exchange derivatives.

Platform And Technology

Crypterium’s platform is created to accommodate blockchain based banking assistance for cryptocurrencies holder. Comparable to conventional banks, its platform facilitates financial transactions utilizing only cryptocurrencies. Fundamentally, the platform targets global users of cryptocurrencies. In this way, Crypterium’s crypto bank revolutionize how banking operations transpire.

Its digital solution is developed from the Ethereum blockchain standards and is named Crypto-bank 2.0. The company has produced a mobile application within which crypto banking transactions will happen. Users will be capable of performing all their crypto-based transactions utilizing this mobile app. It is accessible in both Android and iOS mobile programs.

Users are required to install Crypterium’s app on their mobile devices where they can begin transactions utilizing traditional cards based technologies like Union Pay, MasterCard, or Visa Card. After doing so, users can pay for some service employing any cryptocurrency at NFC compatible POS terminals.

The Crypto-bank mobile app controls the NFC-HFC protocol to tokenize all interactions within the app and the host terminal. While on a transaction, an NFC terminal reads transferred data as it would a real plastic card. Plus, it is anticipated that this feature will be extended to include ATM withdrawals and other regular banking activities.

The CRPT Token

CRPT is the standard cryptocurrency assigned by Crypterium. It is applied as the only method of paying transaction charges employed in crypto-fiat activities. Every time someone executes a payment utilizing Crypterium app, a fee equivalent to 0.5% of the cost of the transaction in CRPT is taken from the user’s account and burned as fuel which is governed by the smart-contract, and directed at the current exchange rate.

CRPT tokens can also be used as a means of paying expenses applied to other, non crypto-fiat, transactions in Crypterium App for a limited period or indefinitely, by the decision of Crypterium. In this case, CRPT tokens can be applied as a sole or additional method of paying transaction fees. Unlike tokens used to pay for charges applied to crypto-fiat payments, those tokens may not be burned.

ERC20 Token Standard develops CRPT tokens and works on Ethereum.

Token Distribution

CRPT token distribution● 70%: Total ICO distribution to the community
● 15%: Tokens allocated for marketing and loyalty purposes
● 9%: Reserved for the founders and management of the ICO
● 3%: Reserved for ICO partner advisers
● 3%: Reserved for marketing campaign team


Cryptenium roadmap

Managing Team

Crypterium’s management team headed by the founding partners, Vladimir Gorbunov and Gleb Markov, is made up of highly experienced digital payment experts from some of the most innovative FinTech divisions in Europe, who have spent several years advancing digital payment and banking solutions. Experienced financial professionals back this team and experienced C-level executives who have developed worldwide.

Cryptenium team

The team has drawn more than $50m of investment into fintech projects they have been responsible for creating and developing, including PayQR, Workle, and Bonus Club, a digital loyalty program that is integrated inside leading publishers’ web sites.


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