How to Add Reviews to the Revain ICO Dashboard

Revain ICO’s revolutionary review platform changed the way reviews are made, handled, and viewed. The platform combined the power of blockchain technology and AI to create a truly unbiased blockchain platform for honest online reviews. This capability won’t be available until the second quarter of this year. This isn’t too far in the future and the review platform is already available with projects to review.

But before you can add reviews, make sure that you are aware of Revain ICO’s review posting policy and guidelines. Of course, common courtesy and consideration of others’ feelings are always advised but there are also rules that need to be strictly followed. These do’s and don’ts in the Revain ICO review platform:

  1. Do not create more than one personal account. Those who had their accounts disabled should not create another account without permission from Revain ICO.
  2. Minors aren’t allowed on the platform. One should be at least 18 years old to create reviews on the platform.
  3. Posting reviews in a language other than English are prohibited unless a multi-language interface becomes available.
  4. Profanity, inappropriate language, disrespectful words, and poor writing structure are not allowed. The review also shouldn’t incite and encourage controversy, violence, self-harm, hate, and discrimination.
  5. Reviews and messages should not endorse personalities, groups involved in violence and illegal activities.
  6. The endorsement and sale of prohibited or illegal items are prohibited. These items or merchandise may include tobacco products, alcohol, ammunition, weapons, and even pharmaceutical products.
  7. Links to inappropriate content are prohibited. Copyright and trademark infringement are prohibited. Posted content should not violate any proprietary rights of companies and individuals.
  8. There should be no violation of privacy and endorsement of unwarranted publicity. The posting of personal, sensitive and identification information is strictly prohibited. This includes the posting of direct links to said information.
  9. Spam messages are prohibited. Messages and content can be considered spam if they contain advertisements for products, services, websites. Links for self-promotion and non-review related content are also prohibited.

Reviews and messages that violate the rules are immediately deleted without prior notice.

There are two ways to add reviews to the Revain blockchain platform. One is to add the review through the “Add Review” button under the listed cryptocurrency project. Another is to through the “Add Review” button in the project dashboard.

The process is actually quite straightforward.

  1. Head to’s dashboard.
  2. Make sure to login or sign up. The platform doesn’t have any guest posting option.
  3. Select the cryptocurrency project you want to review the list.
  4. Click the “Add Review” button on the project’s tab.
  5. A window would pop-up contain an overview of the cryptocurrency project, rating options, and review options.
  6. You can rate the cryptocurrency project according to:
  • Your overall impression
  • The project’s team
  • The quality of the project’s communication channels
  • The project’s progress.

A one-star rating is equivalent to “poor”, two star is “not so hot,” three-star is “ok,” four-star is “efficient,” and five star is “very efficient.”

  1. Fill in your review of the projects:
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Review summary
  1. Click “Submit My Review.”

You can also use this method.

  1. From the Revain ICO dashboard, click the cryptocurrency project’s name. You will be directed to the project’s dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the ratings. There is an “Add Review” button on the ratings’ right side. You can also scroll down to the bottom where you can see the user reviews. There is another “Add Review” button there. You can also select the “Reviews” tab on top of the page to directly head to the user reviews.
  3. The review creation and submission process would be the same from the first method.

After submitting your review, it will undergo Revain ICO’s two-phase filtering system. The first phase of the filtration process is backed by AI algorithms and the high-power IBM Watson platform. These combined systems are capable of detecting user sentiment including writing tone and emotions. The algorithm used can also detect spam, abusive language, and other prohibited content stated in the rules. Once the initial filtration process is done, Revain ICO’s in-house team would undergo the final screening. There are no external influences in both phases, especially during the latter phase.

Not all reviews are approved and Revain ICO won’t give notices regarding the rejection of reviews. But all approved reviews will remain posted on the platform and can’t be deleted. Users can amend their reviews as they please but the initial review would remain. In some cases though, ICOs and companies can successfully dispute a review. The review would have a footnote stating that “This review was disputed,” together with ICO/companies message explaining their side.

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