Alphacat drops down to -0.54% against US dollar

On May 02, 2018, the Alphacat has a down trade of -0.54% against the United States dollar based on the crypto chart. It has a $0.009216 USD market value. ACAT can be traded to other crypto coins, 0.00000101 BTC (-2.52%) or 0.00010871 NEO (-4.92%). The market cap of is $25,715,581 USD or 2,806 in BTC and 303,333 in NEO. Over the 24 hour time frame, Alphacat has a market volume of $2,021,370 USD (220.56 BTC, 23,844 NEO). ACAT has a total supply of 6,250,000,000 ACAT. Only 6,250,000,000 supply of ACAT is circulating all over the coin market.

About Alphacat

It was founded by Dr. Li Bin. He was a Physics Ph.D. holder. He was really an experienced man proven by his twenty-one years in service (Wall Street). His team has 30+ AI developers with an average of 10 years of experience. All have wide and brilliant knowledge in the system.

Below are some of advisors name who made a significant contributions in Alphacat:

Bo ShenLeo WangJack ZhangRichard WangHansen
Tommy NiEpperly LiLarry LiTonny GuKan Li
Kevin HuJc XuKenneth HisRicky NgJonathan Spring
Jim XiongDave Scicolone

The term Alphacat was derived from the word “Alpha” of financial aspects that has a meaning of “excess return”.

Alphacat is undeniably the most progressive AI robot consultant. It provides simple but strong tools that are primarily concentrated on different cryptocurrencies. It was designed by a team of excellent experts and was created with the NEO platform.

These tools supply users the most competitive strength through tested algorithms and AI robots. Here, AI robots are used 24 hours and not the people in doing investments, thus gain excess returns. Let us face the fact that it is hard for human to compete with full strength to other companies that have advanced trading robots.  Robots can work all day and all night and can manage huge amount of large data. It can also make quicker implementations or decision at lowest cost.

Alphacat was created to give people market quantification and to produce information that can be easily access by community, exactly the same way cryptocurrency authorized people to invest in. It is a good way to allow users access the Alphacat’s algorithm.

It is the application place (first of this kind) that is committed to most electronic assets. The platform gives an expansive scale of services related to investments which is driven by artificially intelligent robots including large data. The ACAT, Alphacat currency is expected to be traded actively and be listed in all major kind of exchange.

Alphacat is formally listed on Kucoin

Having said that, ACAT since February 2018 is listed on Kucoin exchange. It is a big deal for ACAT because of the fact that Kucoin is an international top ranking exchange. Its goal is to give users the most convenient and easiest electronic money transactions and trading services. Low trading cost is a hit too! The Kucoin exchange uses an advance system to produce the best platform it can be. Most of the major and even minor currencies from different places of the world are already listed and are ready for fast trading.

Alphacat is really a good investment!

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