What Can You Buy With Bitcoin? (2018 Updated List)

So, what can you buy with Bitcoin? According to spendbitcoins.com, more than 100,000 merchants accept Bitcoin payments. A majority of these merchants are from the US but there are also online services that can be accessed through Bitcoin. Products and services range from food to legal services.

Though there were issues with Bitcoin price volatility and high transaction fees, Bitcoin is still an excellent mode of payment for those who want a secure and fast way to purchase and access premium services. There won’t be lines, waiting times, and most importantly, no sensitive financial information would be shared.

Here are just some of the businesses and services that accept Bitcoin payments:

Gift Cards



Purse.io (Amazon discounts, Amazon gift card to Bitcoin currency exchange)


Overstock (In partnership with Coinbase (not available on the mobile website))

Newegg (There are purchase restrictions)

Only a handful offline retailers accept Bitcoin payments but there are still offline retailer gift cards that can be bought with Bitcoin.

Airplane Tickets and Hotel Bookings

CheapAir (flights and hotel bookings)

Expedia (hotel bookings only)

Surf Air (memberships and charter requests)

Travel for Coins (Travel package booking)

Bitcoin Travel (All-in-one travel service)

There are transportation services around the world that accept Bitcoin payments. Most of these are car rentals, taxi dispatch services, and airport transportation accommodation services.


Software and Media Downloads

Microsoft (Microsoft account, Microsoft Store)


Big Fish Games (In partnership with Coinbase)

Several artists like Bjork and Imogen also made their music available for downloads through Bitcoin payments.


Shopify (Merchants can set cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method)

Etsy (Sellers can arrange to be paid in Bitcoin (over 100 sellers avail of this option))

Internet Services

Reddit (For Reddit gold premium membership)

ExpressVPN (In partnership with BitPay)

Gold and Jewelry

Sharps Pixley (small transactions only)

Apmex (transactions should not exceed USD$250,000)

JM Bullion (minimum of $100 and maximum of $250,000 per transaction)

Amagi Metals

REEDS Jewelers

Food and Beverages


Fold App (Enables cashless purchases in Starbucks)

There are also several physical establishments that accept Bitcoin payments. This includes the Pembury Tavern in London, The Pink Cow diner in Tokyo, and Old Fitzroy pub in Sydney. Some Subway locations also accept Bitcoin payments for their sandwiches.


BitHope (Select a cause you want to support)

BitGive (Bitcoin and blockchain leveraged global philanthropy)

GIMP (You can donate to support the GIMP project)

There are many charitable institutions and organizations that actually accept Bitcoin donations and contributions. A lot of them publicly discloses their Bitcoin wallet for easy donation transfers.

Payment Processors/

Intuit PayByCoin Services (Delivered as part of the Quickbooks Online invoicing)

Shakepay App (exchange bitcoins for dollars or Euros)

There are also unique ways to spend your Bitcoin. Some schools and universities actually accept Bitcoin payments. There were also reported Bitcoin payments for legal and accounting services. There are more stories of unexpected establishments and services accepting Bitcoin. Most of them don’t even have an online presence.

The trend is spreading all over the world. An example is a tree house lodge in Costa Rica that began to accept direct Bitcoin payments in December 2017. There are real estate listings that accept Bitcoin payments – some of these are properties worth millions of dollars! So if you’re asking what can you buy with Bitcoin? A property, yes it can buy you a house and lot and not just simply exchange bitcoins for dollars.

But even with the new adopters, it is said that more and more businesses and services are cutting off their Bitcoin payment options. Bitcoin price volatility is often the cited reason. The volatility can cause losses on the seller’s side as Bitcoin price may drastically drop soon after the purchase. Others cite lack of interest as only a few actually go and pay them in Bitcoin. Even so, Bitcoin still removes the risks that are inherent in traditional payment systems. There would come a time where people would no longer ask “What can you buy with Bitcoin?” They would instead ask, “What can’t you buy with Bitcoin?”

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