ClearPoll (POLL) touches 0.68% over US dollar

Clearpoll, on the second day of May has traded a 0.68% up against the US dollar. Its current market price is $1.05 USD and can be exchanged to 0.00011630 BTC, with a 0.20% value movement or 0.00156231 ETH, with -3.30% value movement rating. It has a market cap of $7,344,951 USD (814 BTC, 10,936 ETH). The total quantity supply is 8,999,992 POLL, however only 6,999,991 POLL is circulating within the market of currencies. Over the twenty four hour time period, the Clearpoll has a total volume of $60,636 USD (6.72 BTC, 90.28 ETH).

Clearpoll: Introduction and more significant details

ClearPoll is a public view survey system that applies blockchain technology in order to get votes and also result of polls. Users can view polls over any matter, vote effortlessly and look at real time final results. Users will gain tokens as a means of rewards for making such good polls. They can also vote on a funded or sponsored type of polls. Half of the total Clearpoll profits will surely return to users. It contains a great deal of wonderful additional features including, Sponsored Polls, Star Polls and other live media polls. Its currency symbol is “POLL” which is an ERC20 type of token.

ClearPoll embodies the first of all public view survey program operated by blockchain technology to let every person to have their stand on any local, nationwide and even international concerns. Through installing the application, every vote will be full protected and are unable to be interfered with. ClearPoll Alpha will permit users to search for polls, vote and enable social viewpoints discussions. Businesses can select subjects for people to vote and then collect useful details from individuals whose views make sense.

By means of blockchain technology, ClearPoll is supplying clients with dependable information gathered via big figures of members to form decisions for future years.

Through ClearPoll, users may browse polls and evaluate previous polling info to have the best out of the recently produced surveys. Users can find choices for financed polls. To attain extremely huge viewers and immediate live press polls’ details, ClearPoll has polls for internet sites that are completely no-cost for users. ClearPoll Marketing System permits users to select categories essential to them including entertainment, politics, sports, human rights and a lot more.

ClearPoll handles the problems of public opinion being designed or controlled by preserving all data 100% safe.

It has well experienced and excellent team based in Australia. The network was already featured in the world’s famous Forbes magazine. During the initial coin offering, hard cap was already reached by the network. By using the application provided by Clearpoll, users can earn token POLL rewards which they can use to enter and acquire corporate related services. More endorsements and partnerships are yet to come.

ClearPoll is officially listed on Kucoin!

Since buying POLL using dollars is not possible, you have to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first in a platform where dollars are accepted. Then, it can now be traded to POLL in a platform like Kucoin. The later listed Clearpoll on the last month of year 2017. Anyone can deposit their coins here. Most of the traders prefer Kucoin because of its stable and easy to use system. Its low trading cost is just a bonus!


ClearPoll provides the best and most precise community opinion information. The outcomes of the poll can become a powerful tool for anyone to make their voice heard loud and clear. With this kind of reliable poll, all misleading fake news, prejudice polls and vote altering are no more a problem these days.

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