DOCK reaches $6,009,040 USD on its May 03 volume

May 03, 2018: The Dock currency has a market value of $0.139705 USD. It traded 16.26% higher against US dollar. A single Dock can be exchange for 0.00001512 BTC (13.68%) or 0.00020139 ETH (12.39%). Its current market capitalization is $29,648,408 USD. Over the 24 hour period, Dock has a total volume quantity of $6,009,040 USD. It has a total supply of one billion, the 212,221,522 DOCK of it is in market circulation.

DOCK links all user’s profiles, standing and systems in to a single sharable reference by applying blockchain. It connects data all throughout the internet. It is a protocol created on the blockchain technology’s security. It improves the network worth. If the system continues increasing, it can provide more value for everyone inside the network. All details are in all places. Handling every source individually will waste the time and drop its value.  User can revise their info through any internet site within system and then moved automatically to app they are linked to. Data in all apps is updated immediately. They can move reputation, reviews as well as history of work to retain the worth over the internet.

They can get an immediate entry to information in every new application’s sign up. Through this, no new filling out of form (same information) are needed. They have a full ownership and control of personal data. Just select which applications are allowed on using of information and which can be shared.

Generally speaking, any person can use this kind of protocol and can transfer the data easily to contributing applications.

How the system works?

The network is driven by DOCK token. It converts the internet and create a new data economy over the web. Holders of this token can present new suggestions and then give vote on next roadmap development. All apps need tokens every time users access and enter the data through the process. Users are then rewarded after making new shared data.

This protocol is under the technology stacking which makes powering of data possible for all app users around the world.

DOCK on Kucoin exchange

Just recently, Kucoin listed the DOCK token in its platform. It is now included and available for quick trading. As this platform grows, DOCK will be exposed to huge audience. Kucoin is the most stable and reliable platform these days. It charges only 0.1% for the trading. It has more than 300 coins listed on its exchange (including major and minor coins). With this support, DOCK is expected to progress and improve much more.


The protocol ( is a peculiar data exchange purposely made to reward the trade of reviews, professional connections and experiences in work. It can also be extended to contain any kind of data sharing. Tokens are used as voting and proposal tool to assist the change in development and evolution of All holders can give proposals or vote for updates they want to get implemented. Apps can get tokens in every exchange of data.

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