Factors that position KuCoin in the Green Zone

In the past year, it may be unbelievable that the Kucoin Shares or KCS are now trending at $3 from its price of $1.7 in the past months. As we check its competition and exchange, you may anticipate a lot of potentials when it comes to success.

The Kucoin shares are some of the few that saw positive gains. Until now, the token may still witness a steady price range that manages to record small but impressive gains. In anticipation of its increase, there are some elements in the token and exchange that I believe would create a positive impact on the price which is why it might become one of the best investments in the upcoming months. These are the factors that could secure the future of Kucoin shares.

Competitive fees

Initially, Kucoin shares (KCS), withdrawal fees and trading charges may have the same rate in a lot of exchanges. The approach may have a unique part to it because of the amount of payment that Kucoin takes in every trade. It may be common knowledge that a lot of exchanges charge excessive fees for the trades that may not be even up to standards. One example is the Bittrex that stands at 0.25% while the Poloniex starts at 0.15%. When it comes to Kucoin’s exchange, the fee is just at 0.1%. It may have reasonable withdrawal fees that may prove to become a massive attraction for the platform with regards to its users. Consequently, the reaction may increase the value price and its Kucoin Shares holders.


A positive sign with the Kucoin is that it grew steadily in the past few months. Even if the price began on a bad start, Kucoin Shares proved their resilience once more. However, how does cryptocurrency keep overcoming the slumps? Most of the stability comes from the structure of the exchange. At first, there is fear that the model was more like a Pyramid or MLM scheme. However, the multi-level ecosystem referrals can help the exchange users earn as the currency achieves their liquidity through payouts. Aside from that, the Kucoin exchange can also help the token holders dispose of their cryptocurrency whenever they want. It may be a significant gain that all crypto investors seek for in any venture. Once you have the right awareness, the comfortable liquidity rate of the crypto may advance steadily and adopt its price.


There may be nothing more that crypto investors would love to have other than the investment’s good promotional features. The great thing about the Kucoin is that the venture has enough bonuses and rewards that can impress any investor. They have discount options that comprise of the referral program, top trader bonuses and the KCS. Users can become attracted to the referral program because they may get 20% for every new user you get on board. The referral program may go on until the third generation of the first affiliate you got on board. Some reports say that people earn six figures because of this, but it has yet to be substantiated. Still, it may be enough reason to foresee that there will be a rise in Kucoin Shares in the coming future.

Kucoin Shares [KCS] Verdict

Even if the venture may be a relatively new cryptocurrency, Kucoin Shares proved that they are useful in several ways. Since its inception, the project has not experienced any hitch. However, there may be cases of downtime complaints. In conclusion, I believe that there will be a rise in Kucoin Shares in the coming days. The only disadvantage about this is that there may be no sufficient or exhaustive conclusive when it comes to the tokens or cryptocurrencies in the blockchain.

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