Docademic A Globally-Sourced Healthcare Service Platform

What is Docademic (MTC)?

Docademic (MTC) is a globally sourced single medical and healthcare services cryptocurrency platform for patients and doctors worldwide. It provides unique services, below are as follows:

– Real-time geographic
– Epidemiological data reporting
– Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Driven treatment and diagnostic suggestions for medical professionals in institutions and private practice
– AI-assisted Electronic Health Record
– Digital Vademecum
– Immense access to the patient population for preventive sickness campaigns

The Special Features of Docademic (MTC)

Docademic (MTC) boasts of having the highest level of free basic quality medical and healthcare services. The cryptocurrency platform allows anyone to access the benefits and knowledge that is made possible by the blockchain technology.

With that being stated, here are the following unique features of the MTC cryptocurrency platform:

DOCADEMIC APP – This special feature is a free application is a Human Doctor Artificial Intelligence (AI) – assisted Video Telemedicine Service which comes with a set of AI-assisted tools. The patients’ data is highly secured and represents an On-Ramp on the blockchain

Docademic for Doctors – Serves as the social media network for medical professionals on the platform. This special feature comes with an Ongoing Medical education for pre-registered medical professionals, Patient Referrals, Tools for medical professionals’ everyday practice, and Real-Time Reporting of epidemiological information for researchers and clientele.

docademic features

What is a Medical Token Currency (MTC)?

The Medical Token Currency, or MTC token, is the universal native token issued by Docademic ( The MTC token serves as the native payment system for all the services provided on the said platform.

In line with this, the MTC Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token economics are calculated based on how much fund is required to expand to other countries such as the European countries.

docademic token

The Team behind Docademic (MTC)

The Docademic (MTC) was officially registered in 2012 and developed in 2016; the core team has created an certainly free primary medical and healthcare for the world via telemedicine. Without further ado, here are the key people behind it:

Charles Nader – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Isao Hojyo – Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Arturo Diaz – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Alejandro Meza – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Gustavo Astiazaran – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Chris Parker – Sales Director
Gaston Catvin – Director of Business Development
Fernanda Barrera – Director of Medical
Enrique Hernandez – Lead Developer and Software Architect

docademic team

The Docademic (MTC) Roadmap Plan

The Docademic (MTC) is creating a globally advanced healthcare platform that the patient population and the medical professionals’ community will utilize; a cryptocurrency platform where anyone can participate as users and crypto – token holders.

Outlined of the development progress that the core team has accomplished since its official launch:

Q2 2018
– Docademic marketplace has been officially launched
– MTC token has been supported and listed on several licensed cryptocurrency exchange sites (as mentioned above)
– Docademic cryptocurrency platform has officially launched in the United States of America

The Docademic (MTC) Project

The Docademic (MTC) platform pursues to be complete healthcare for the patients and doctors across the globe with digital access. It is dubbed as the most significant blockchain and technology crypto – projects ever!

Given that intention, here are the upcoming projects that the cryptocurrency platform has in store for its users:

Q3 2018
– To officially launch the Docademic Psychologic application
Q4 2018
– To expand the Docademic cryptocurrency platform in the European countries
Q1 2019
– To officially launch the Docademic Blockchain
– To release the Medical Coin (MC)
Q2 2019
– To officially launch the Docademic cryptocurrency platform in the Asian countries
– To officially launch the Docademic cryptocurrency platform in the Middle Eastern countries
Q3 2019
– To expand the Docademic cryptocurrency platform into the rest of the countries
– To add more medical and healthcare services and products offered in the marketplace


As of the moment, Docademic is now serving to 20 countries in Latin America; with thousands of users on both patient and doctor community entering all the data on the blockchain technology.

As a matter of fact, this cryptocurrency project focusing on the healthcare sector is John McAfee’s choice! John McAfee is a well – known cryptocurrency visionary, he is famous in the crypto – community for his Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and outstanding recommendations including the Docademic (MTC). From there, the MTC market saw great involvement on licensed exchanges where the majority is traded against Bitcoin (BTC). Because of McAfee’s full support and endorsement, the Docademic marketplaces experienced an uptick through the sluggish progress of the market, it became the leading gainer this 2018 and obviously, holds a bright future as a cryptocurrency.


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