How to buy Revain coin?

R holders can store their Revain coins on MyEtherWallet, the most convenient and easiest wallet options for keeping the coins and can save any coins on Ethereum Blockchain.

  1. The first thing to do is visit the website and make a stable and secure password.
  2. Click the “Create New Wallet” and then “Download Keystore File.” Read all the stated warnings here and press “I understand. Continue”.
  3. You will receive a private key for the wallet. You can print it out so you will have references in case you forget password or entry details. Make sure it is safely stored, and no one can read it.
  4. Save your address.
  5. You can now open the new wallet. Choose the option for “Keystore File” Enter your Keystore File then, your password. Scroll down the page to view wallet.
  6. Copy the wallet address (long string of numbers and letters). You will use it in sending coins.
  7. To buy Revain coin, choose your preferred market exchanges. It could be KuCoin, HitBTC, OKEx, Mercatox, KUNA, Cryptopia, YoBit, C-CEX, ForkDelta, and BTCAlpha.
    What is Revain?
    It uses Ethereum blockchain that makes it a transparent system with immutable and incorruptible strengths. This platform will help customers in discovering the best crypto projects and will support the businesses in improving their products and services. Immutability ensures the integrity of the feedbacks while filtration process helps gather good quality reviews.

Revain uses Artificial Intelligence to assure that all reviews are made by real people and not by robots. IBM Watson facilitates Automatic moderation and inspects all the reviews tone and then filters based on social drives, language form, and emotions.

Revain IBM Watson

Revain, regarding filtering strategies, is a way distinctive from other evaluation platforms. It does not need any alternative party to carry out verification processes. It possesses 2 phases, one for machine moderation performed by Artificial intelligence and manual moderation executed by the business. All review will go through Review Automatic Filtering, an automated filtration which is generally dependent on neural network and machine understanding.

Revain has interacted with IBM Watson and can verify automatically any emotions showed in the reviews. It is made possible by Tone Analyzer Services. It should recognize at least three elements (excessive Disgust, Despair, and Angriness) before a review can be marked as unconstructive.

The business must manually sort all reviews. It can approve and reject a review. Whatever the results, reviews will still be shown on the platform. To address and resolve the issue, the company should respond in the comment section of the review. However, if the user disagrees and thinks that the review is genuine, he can file a dispute and will be handled by oracles. If the user is proven right, he will receive RVN rewards, and the company will be penalized ten times the Revain fee.

After the manual filtration, a portion of the review construction will be saved on Ethereum Blockchain and will be stored by a Review Snapshot Storage.

Revain Dashboard V.0.8 is released.

Revain Dashboard V.0.8

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