KuCoin Announces Ian Balina as it’s First Global Titan Ambassador

Michael Gan as the Chief Executive Officer of KuCoin, stated several weeks ago about the continuous development of their cryptocurrency exchange platform, aiming to provide the best service and experience to their partners and users. As part of this advancement, they have announces an exciting program that encourages cryptocurrency experts to established long-term ambassador partnerships. These will help them accomplish their mission and vision in finding the best blockchain technology projects the world has to contribute and bring them to the masses before anyone else.

As an exciting commencement, Ian Balina, an influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency specialist officially announces today his commitment into a strategic partnership with KuCoin’s new Global Titan Ambassador Program.  As KuCoin’s Ambassador, he will recommend cryptocurrency projects to be reviewed by the KuCoin research and quality control teams and provide fast-track procedure if validated for listing.

KuCoin Global Titan Ambassador Program

“I chose KuCoin as my exclusive exchange partner because I think we have the ability to truly do lots of great things together and help take cryptocurrencies mainstream. We have a lot of exciting things coming up over the course of the rest of the year. I want to thank my entire community and Crypto Family for making all of this possible,” according to Ian Balina.

“I am pleased to announce that we have acquired our first Ambassador to our newly released Global Titan Ambassador Program, Mr. Ian Balina.  Ian is one of the most respected and influential individuals in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as an investor and advisor. He will be a great Ambassador to help KuCoin find even more of the ‘hidden gems’ of the crypto-world, which is the primary purpose of this program.  I also believe with this new program; we will move closer to achieving our goal of bringing blockchain technology to the masses. We are glad to have Mr. Balina on our team, and we expect many great things to come from this newly formed relationship,” stated Michael Gan, KuCoin CEO.

About Ian Balina

Ian Balina is a well-reputed Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Evangelist, and Advisor. He has several appearances in top rated magazines such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, The Street, INC and Entrepreneur Magazine because of his achievement in analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship. A former Analytics Evangelist at IBM, Ian has produced a data-driven, “money-ball” approach to investing in cryptocurrency token sales (ICOs) called “Token Metrics.” Ian Balina leads a global cryptocurrency investor syndicate that invests up to $10 million in promising blockchain startup’s token sales, is a founder and General Partner at 100X Advisors, and currently advises Phantasma Protocol, Nucleus Vision, and Nucleus Vision.

About KuCoin – The People’s Exchange

The KuCoin Exchange started for blockchain asset trading in September 2017 and has experienced a steady increase in 2018. The KuCoin state-of-the-art platform sets a high priority on the quality of the projects listed based on a well-trained research department that searches the blockchain industry for unique and high-quality projects.

KuCoin envisions a blockchain powered society where everyone can experience and engage in the modern technology with no culture barrier, hierarchy state, or special privileges. They are the People’s Exchange, for and by the people. Ready to serve and listen better.


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