Important factors that contributes to Nano’s big progress in coin market

Have you ever wondered what is like if cryptocurrency was not initiated at all?

With over thousands of big and small crypto coins all over the market place, the most significant question now is “Which among them will remain successfully steady and active after the long run”. Especially these days that many crypto coins experience inconsistency and downfalls. Some coins stays steady while some ended up failing. Due to large number of coin competitions, it is hard to control what their price status will become. Therefore, before investing in a certain coins, it is not just the concept or features that an investors should consider, but also the coin’s ability to recover from possible drastic price downfall it may encounter.

One particular cryptocurrency that possess this kind of potential is NANO.

Details and background history of NANO

Nano is an ERC2O token. Nano is a new brand name for RaiBlocks XRB. It uses the new name since the last day of January of this year. RaiBlocks was made on 2017 by Colin LeMahieu. It uses a private code known as Block lattice. Anyone who starts a Nano account undergoes a special account procedure called as account chain.

Nano reduces the possible blockchain issues. All its processing methods are very easy. Nodes managing definitely cost nothing. Every transaction can be done by users independently and a single transaction can surely fit inside one UDP packet.

Variables that help increase Nano’s standing in coin market list:

There are different factors that can contribute to the popularity and performance of a coin. It includes:

  1. Good reviews from coin experts- Any comments or feedbacks from a known expert can give a big impact on the status of a coin. One of it is the founder of Litecoin named Charlie Lee. He posted an appraisal note for Nano in his tweeter account mentioning positive points for the coin.
  2. Change in terms of Nomenclature- The team had to change its former name because most of the traders found it hard to pronounce. Surprisingly after doing it so, a big increase was observed in terms of market capitalization. It was assumed that the main reason of the development is the rebranding of RaiBlocks.
  3. Releasement of android wallet- It is believed that the imminent of android wallet contributes to the current progress of Nano especially these modern days that most people depends and uses smartphones. This concept increases the gained popularity of the coin.
  4. Twitch assistance- A popular Amazon owned game platform officially accepted the Nano cryptocurrency as valid coin from Twitch game. Twitch has more than ten thousands subscribers and may increase in the future. Therefore, this streaming platform plays a vital role in Nano’s value development and also its popularity in the coin market..


Nano currency or known before as RaiBlocks is a progressive cryptocurrency of this generation. It has a big development since it was released in the community. It continues gaining massive popularity to the public as well as to giant investors.

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