KuCoin adds Oyster Shell Airdrop to Supported Coins

Kucoin is extremely pleased to inform the public that the company is going to be supporting the Oyster Shell token (SHL) airdrop on just about all KuCoin users who have Oyster Peal (PRL) tokens on KuCoin.

Airdrop ratio:  1 PRL: 1 SHL

Please note that this is for current PRL holders on KuCoin. So if you have 200 PRLs in KuCoin wallet, expect that you will be airdropped 200 SHLs.

Oyster Shell Purposes

Shells are utilized to purchase connectivity as well as Dapp operation throughout the Oyster meshnet, whereas Pearls are put to use for interference data storage at the tangle. Shell is not necessarily placed to storage just like how Pearl is. Sometime soon it will be possible to make use of Shells to gain access to the decentralized world wide web, online connectivity that completely bypasses ISPs and centralized structure.

Prospective application case examples:

  1. Works like VPN. You feel the need to gain access to content that is actually impeded by your Internet service provider and keep away from getting traced, your personal computer connects specifically to the Oyster meshnet through obtaining a peer-to-peer neighboring (Wi-fi compatibility, Bluetooth, LiFi). Your own SHL wallet is utilized to finance connectivity and data transfer consumption.
  2. Make private conversations online. Yes, private and much cheaper calls online. You would like to get in touch with your buddy in a decentralized and also safeguarded means. The application on a person’s cellular phone appears for peer-to-peer internet connections (Bluetooth and WiFi) with some other phones operating Oyster nearby and a meshnet call up is produced, therefore skipping the Internet service provider. SHL is utilized to pay out for on the web connectivity as an alternative of regular expenses. Absolutely no 3rd party can track, block or look into the mobile phone call.

Oyster Shell (SHL) tokens will possibly be allocated within an Airdrop to PRL members. This will end up being the only approach to obtain SHL, furthermore it will be provided in a token purchase. Each 1 PRL held on the blockchain will be airdropped 1 SHL.

The launch of SHL concludes Oyster’s features scope with regard to information storage along with transmission. Along with a couple of adaptable and well-equipped application tokens, Oyster is definitely all set to end up being the new world wide web paradigm.

Kucoin is incredibly a novice to the trade space. It not too long ago released its very first version within the middle of August of 2017 after acquiring an Angel Financial commitment in early August. Since then, the trade appears to have already been putting out improvements and upgrades regularly. Kucoin currently facilitates eleven diverse languages on their own platform    which makes it highly accessible to a various nations and regions.

To add, Kucoin has multiple levels of safety measures and protection. Kucoin boasts that they are committed to fixing customer needs without postpone. To fulfill this target, they provide 24/7 client support through their internet site and electronic mail.

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