KuCoin removes the referral program: Know why

Old articles regarding Kucoin’s program for referring, bring confusions not just for new readers or new investment explorers but also to some of KuCoin members already. It literally calls for an updated informative article.

Though it is months ago since referral rewards are removed in the system, some has not educated well with regards to this exclusions. This writing will help answer few of the queries.

Real reason of KuCoin for suspending referral links

Based on the press released done for KuCoin, the system has officially stopped its referral plan for all fresh users. Even though they will no longer give in new invitational links, the system will keep on to members who took part in the program earlier than January 17.

The system operates by rewarding those contributing users with the KuCoin Shares (KCS) every time a new user’s registration using the referral code. The Invitational Reward by KuCoin was an essential part of the KCS and the elimination of the program has caused debate over social media.

In the press launched, KuCoin explained their selves and discussed the decision they have to make. According to them, they have now attained the two million users and there is now a bigger need for concentrating more on the platform’s protection and security. Though KCS may no longer be distributed by means of the invites program, holders can still obtain discount rates for possessing KCS on the program, together with a lower 0.1% buying and selling charge.

Referral applications have turn out to be a typical mechanic for appealing to new consumers to trades. It is easy to encourage more people to sign up if they know they can also earn just by referring. It also provides users the alternative to have someone to subscribe and get a 50% of their exchanging service fees as the commission given out in the local token of KuCoin. Such programs have grown to be a widely used approach for all cryptocurrency individualities to generate more income. KuCoin taking away its program could possibly cause a reduction of marketing. However, KuCoin also got a good point that it is the safety of the system that they should value more. After all, it is them who know what is best for the program and for its members.

KuCoin was trusted and liked by many investors not just because of the invites incentives but because of the overall benefits of it. First on the list is the reasonable collective fee for every transaction including the withdrawal charges. KuCoin has a stable growth as well. Buying KCS is easily done in KuCoin and can be comfortably trade it in different crypto currency.

It also comes in other rewards and benefits such as discounts on transaction’s cost. This whole thing made KuCoin appears more appealing and attracting to every person who wants to enter the world of crypto business. If KuCoin continues this kind of system, surely they will reach the top to become the best cryptocurrency that everyone wants to invest in.

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