Learning how KuCoin systematically works and how to purchase KCS

During KuCoin trading, users can only use the specific currency which is the KCS KuCoin Shares.

Possessing or acquiring KCS will provide holders two incredible things:

  1. Provides the holder a good discount on trading costs, a 1% off for thousand KCS hold and limitation is 30%.
  2. Give all holders a dividend. 50% of overall exchanging charges settled by KCS users daily is reserved to holders and allocated evenly between every token of KCS.

Where to buy and trade your KCS?

KuCoin Shares can only be obtained within KuCoin system. However, holders can trade it to other cryptocurrency. Below are some of the cryptocurrencies where they are allowed to buy and sell the KCS:

  • NEO and GAS or NEO and GAS
  • Ethereum or ETH
  • Red Pulse or RPX
  • Change or CAG
  • Bitcoin or BTC
  • Tethers or USDT
  • Modum or MOD
  • Bitcoin Cash or BCH
  • Dash or DASH

Updates on KuCoin data and proper calculations of KCS

A small number of the KCS tokens may certainly not produce a lot of earnings distinction, yet the positive effects of getting more shares tend to give enormous effects. As I am writing this article, KuCoin has a circulating supply of 91,043,076 KCS and has already reached its total supply of 181,043,076 KCS. Now, you can buy KCS for $2.37 USD.

For an example, if there are 180,000.000 KCS in circulation and a specific holder owns the 1,800,000 from it, therefore he can have the maximum 30% trading cost off. He will automatically receive the 0.5% of the 50% exchanged trading fees collected. Therefore, if the platform gathers a total sum of 100 BTC on that particular day, he will receive a dividend of 0.5 BTC gain.

Actual division of coins being given away to holders would vary relying on what is preferred on a particular day. And so the returns might likewise end up being settled in the most popular coins. The exchanging costs can also get differ between coins. In the event that there are zero charges being paid, for cases like if there is a marketing running on the system, subsequently there would certainly be no payouts attained on that particular period.

Assuming that Kucoin continues to be preferred by investors, KCS is possible to maintain being well-liked as well. It is believed to be to be an efficient hold of price on the trade alone and may stay comparatively constant even if a certain coin lowered. Even when KCS gets a higher amount, it is likely that there is still a constantly heading to anyone’s searching to reach the upcoming 1,000 ceiling for a larger price cut.

The dividends or payout returns bring the kind of a continual flow for the extremely broad variety of crypto getting included to a certain account. KCS could become a lot more useful in case other coins out there became not successful in the future.

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