Neblio (NEBL) 24- hour volume reaches $17,885,600 as price hits $14.60

May 01, 2018, Neblio traded down to -7.11% on US dollar. It has now a market value of $14.60 USD: it is equivalent to 0.00163246 BTC which also lowers a negative 3.24%. NEBL, the Neblio currency abbreviation has a present crypto market capitalization of $190,625,860 USD or 21,308 BTC. Over the twenty-four hour period, its volume has reached $17,885,600 in United States dollar. It has a total supply quantity of 13,813,620 and the 13,052,453 NEBL are now in market process.

Neblio (NEBL): the history, introduction and all important details

The ever focused and dedicated team of Neblio has the greatest community in the market. It was released on the 6th day of August last year. Its network was efficiently made through the peculiar technology ledger of blockchain. Many believe that the systematic network for keeping dealings securely is the key for international database technology. It has lots of benefits to offer favouring the business applying the same kind of technology. Some of the positive aspects of it are being immutable, secured, reliable and very transparent.

Why should you choose Neblio from thousands of good cryptocurrencies?

It is a safe and secured system or any enterprise services and application. It has a currency token named as Neblio Cryptographic Token or best known as the “NEBL”. It is said to be the life of the system since it allow a secure and instant data transmission around the world.

A Neblio is a peer to peer decentralized nodes network which trade data in a transactions style. The transactions are then kept in a distributed untouchable blockchain. Each node has a complete copy of the blockchain therefore recording all details in the ledger. Nodes collect all accessible transactions and then pile it to a certain block. Block will be store in a blockchain where no alteration is allowed leaving an immutable system. In case information updates are needed within the ledger, new transaction will be included to the ledger with the updated details. Yes, updates are possible but the original one will remain verifiable and intact in the previous block forever.

Another good thing about this Neblio is the scalability and the reliability in can give to anyone. It has the capability to handle effectively all the growing amount of size and work it can have. Also, nodes associate to each other and can easily relay blocks to any part of the world. Every node has the blockchain therefore they can select the fastest or the closest node they want. It will expand the capability of possible applications and will improve the response speedily time in every transaction.

Neblio get listed on Kucoin platform

No one can purchase a NEBL using an American dollar. They have to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first and trade it for Neblio in the Kucoin exchange: the best trading platform for all kinds of cryptocurrency. The latter is known for its low trading cost (0.1% only). Kucoin included the NEBL currency on the last quarter of year 2017.

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