Odyssey (OCN) – The next top cryptocurrency of the world

The main objective of ODYSSEY is to construct the next era of systematized sharing economy. it actually goals to lessen the entire working cost, boost marketplace effectiveness and of course, increase the product and support suppliers ROI in the economy.

Today, the cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular all over the investment world. Investors are now looking for the ideal coin that might outshine the whole market place. In that case, Odyssey should be included in their top priority list to invest.

Listed below in the table the name of brilliant and genius personalities of Odyssey team:

Yi ShiChief AdvisorTeow Teck ToeAdvisor
Justin SunChief AdvisorAaron TanAdvisor
Goh Jian KaiAdvisorSamuel ChanAdvisor

Top reasons why you have to think about investing in ODYSSEY

  • A growing economy sharing

Sharing economy is definitely one of the most rapidly growing in the community. Odyssey is in the perfect position on helping this kind of economy to work effectively through the use of smart contracts.

  • A two million extra coins for release in market

Some doubted the effect of Odyssey releasing such large quantity of coin in the marketplace. They thought it will only lead to lowering down the OCN value. But contrary to what they say, there will be a value increase by doing such action. If Odyssey released those coins, the market cap will double in size making it one of the top in the coin market list. The coin will become more visible to investor’s eyes which can lead to an increase in future volume. It explains the continuing gain that Odyssey experiences right now.

  • OCN will be switching to blockchain Tron

It is now officially confirmed that Odyssey will be switching to Tron which is a grown large network. It will contribute a big progress in the part of Odyssey.

ODYSSEY is a groundbreaking quest against existing centralized sharing economy to develop one particular decentralized sharing economy and peer to peer environment.

This sharing economy has swiftly appeared as huge and increasing force. It is driven through decreasing deal costs. Net connections, cloud and the smartphones enable buyers to effectively look for their preferred items or services, comprehend the conditions, assure well-timed logistics, and impose upon agreement. Those previous discouraging dealings have turn out to be a hassle-less transactions.

Sooner or later, sharing will become the usual and ownership will turn to be a luxury. One may own nothing but can share anything. They can regulate the expenditures flexibly in compliance with the demand. They will buy something that they only need rather than spending more. This sharing will also allow usage of extra source and enhance the total earnings and interest of the modern society.

This kind of sharing economy helps us to transform the offer of property ownership into deal of right and use. Fundamentally, it is a comprehension of the demand deal which remarkably raises the performance to utilize assets and services and simultaneously, reduces the overall cost.

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