Revain 1-Day Trading Volume Tops $3.41 Million (R)

This month, Revain token experienced exchange 8.5% lower against the dollar. In the previous week, Revain has been traded 2.4% higher against the dollar. User can purchase one Revain token for $0.94 or approximately 0.00011050 BTC on regular cryptocurrency exchanges which includes YoBit, Kuna, Kucoin and Mercatox. During the last day, Revain traded on a $3.41 million worth of Revain coins since it has a market capitalization of $172.92 million.

Revain started last year on the 5 of September. There are 484,450,000 tokens in total and only 184,450,000 of this are now circulating. People can check also  on news online and on the trusted websites.

CryptoCompare says that Revain is a system that should leverage the blockchain of Ethereum to have a mechanism review that will not necessarily need an involvement of third party. To totally avoid this, Revain is now consisted of two different phases. It will keep the good quality of the reviews. The first phase is the filtering level which will have a machine application with the use of AI. The second phase is the company’s decision whether the received reviews are genuinely acceptable or not. It will gives immutability to the reviews because the Review Snapshots Storage or RSS will automatically save the reviews and evaluations done. Revain has two different kinds of tokens which make Revain far different from other review platforms, namely R token and the RVN token. R token is primarily used for funds gathering during the ICO. It is usually used too as medium for exchange in some other cryptocurrencies. During crowdfunding stage, only seventy percent of R tokens will be sold to the market. The other token which is the RVN is expected to be used only inside the platform. It can be used for rewarding users for approved good quality reviews. RVN tokens are only use inside the system so the value is fixed and stable. Revain is the first and only Review platform that is unbiased and very transparent. It offers security, low fees and fast services. This has a blockchain technology which will not allow users to delete, to enhance or to edit any made feedbacks.

It will motivate and pursue users to do better reviews because they will possibly get a token reward. Reviews should pass first the stage for filtering. This will automatically give the companies the confident that they will receive only the real and authentic reviews. Everyone can see the reviews in the platform. This also prevents manipulation of feedbacks and posting of fake reviews. Revain is highly recommended for any businesses. It will gain them popularity and will give more customers. We all know that a company or a business that has a bad feedback will surely get lesser customers. That is why Revain is there to support and to help them. It will improve the product or the business if they will only receive real feedback experience from their customers.

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