Revain – A platform for the Reinvention of Review System

Internet is an amazing reference for information, however not everything online is worthy of trust. Today, wrong feedbacks are common to the review industry and are now becoming a big problem in this digital world. Incorrect reviews are responsible for most of the misleading information. It badly needs some changing by the way this industry works. For that reason, Revain is here to the rescue!

What is Revain?

It is, so far the best platform where you can find tons of good quality feedbacks. It can excellently provide those through advance technology that Revain normally use. It is made to reinvent the traditional means of giving reviews. Online reviews for buying coins on the crypto market come in a handy and modern platform where readers can truly rely on. It makes sure that only legitimate reviewers with real experiences are posting on their platform.

How Revain systematically works?

Revian builds an economical model by means of blockchain.  The platform is equipped with advanced technology that enables users to keep determined on providing correct reviews. It pays all its honest review providers by means of RVN tokens, a stable internal token that is also use to debit or even penalize business companies. Revain has second another coin- the R token.

Revain R token is now trading on exchanges like OKEx, HitBTC, Mercatox, Cryptopia, Kuna, YoBit, C-CEX, ForkDelta, BTCAlpha, and in KuCoin.

Great Features of Revain

  • Revain provides transparent and open platform for everyone. Any user can look all reviews and transactions performed within the system.
  • Revain help businesses improve more by providing them real customer’s review. It uses neutral network to detect any unwarranted text. It has automatic filtration that all reviews must passed to be qualified for token rewards.
  • Its system uses smart contract and DAO to secure protection against wrong reviews.
  • Revain has an advanced technology that utilizes IBM Artificial Intelligence.

These features above act as effective tools to make Revain very manageable and efficient platform. These eliminate cases of rates manipulation.

Revain system is run by its Chief Executive Officer Rinat Arslanov as well as the Technology leader and CTO Maksim Voronin together with other brilliant members of the team.

Who will get benefited by the Revain system?

For a long period of time, companies relied on reviews provided by customers. Feedbacks facilitate construction or destruction of companies. As a result, business enterprises tend to make investments in the program exactly where they can easily get customers’ comments or suggestions in a prompt way. This then help them on adopting operations and strengthening functionality that suit the buyers. Revain is designed to generate review works get assigned to machine devices instead. In most of companies, all threats of false feedback will eventually disappear. Therefore, they will receive real reviews that may enhance the item or services offered by businesses. Through blockchain technology application, no deletion and alteration of feedbacks are allowed within the system.

Indeed, Revain is the best platform for acquiring reviews and cryptocurrency investment of today.

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