Revain and its Peculiar Processes of Providing Great Quality Reviews

Revain is the first of its kind to build a user-friendly service that will provide companies tons of feedbacks. Users are expected to share their authentic experiences while learning to others’ experiences at the same time. It uses highly modernized blockchain technology to secure the legitimacy of all reviews.

The customized algorithm of Revain Dashboard ranks crypto projects regarding popularity and user’s impressions. Anyone can participate on the platform and make influences or changes on this ranking. High-quality reviews help companies receive authentic feedbacks while rewarding the review creators.

How does Revain works?

Revain is far different from other review systems regarding filtration processes. Revain doesn’t need any third party to do verification methods. It has two stages, one for machine moderation done by AI and the manual moderation performed by the company. After this, every review will undergo automatic filtration or Review Automatic Filtering which is primarily based on neutral network and machine learning.

Revain has interacted with IBM Watson platform and can determine all its emotional component automatically by using Tone Analyzer Services. It will identify at least three factors (high Disgust, Sadness, and Anger) which indicate not quality reviews. It will then be marked as unconstructive one.

After passing RAF, the company which the review addresses will manually filter all feedbacks by either approving or rejecting it. If neglected, the company must write response comment, and that will be presented together with the particular review. It will immediately solve the issue.

Upon passing the manual filtration, part of review structure will be stored on Ethereum Blockchain, therefore, assuring it has not been edited. It is saved by Review Snapshot Storage or RSS, a kind of smart contract.

Only a part of reviews can be saved because it is economically not practical to keep all large data. That is why Revain decided to sacrifice structures integrity over decentralization and created Review Snapshot.

The Team Members

Rinat Arslanov acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Revain. He has more than ten years in the business as blockchain enthusiast and venture capitalist. Maksim Voronin takes charge of product visioning and developing as the current CTO of the team. Alexey Belashenko manages daily operations, and Alexey Abramov takes control on the implementation of the project. Katya Katana regularly monitor product designs and its development while Roman Ochnev leads the entire marketing strategy executions.

Vlad Bocharov is responsible for the corporate’s character and distinctiveness. Front-End Developer named Michael Ambukadze handles all application made by clients. Other team members are Elena Orsik, Bogdan Savin, Olya Green, Max Von Lüttichau, Shi Qun, Tatiana Muntyanu, Alyona Kazakova and Fedir Yuriev. Up to this moment, all of them are sharing their priceless contributions on the development and progress of Revain.

Dmitry Fedotov and Egor Vinogradov are the genius advisors of Revain. They are both experts in Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing, managing of markets and blockchain technologies.

Together, they do their parts and responsibilities to ensure Revain is still the best crypto investment!

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