Revain Launched v0.5 of the World’s Truly Transparent Review Platform

Revain is the first feedback platform created to provide transparent and authentic reviews with the use of the blockchain technology. This platform has four versions that they released on the market since November 2017. The company is now out to release the Dashboard v0.5 of the popular Revain platform that has some enhancements over the past versions.

There are two cryptocurrency tokens that they expect will power the Revain platform. The first of these tokens is the R token. They created this for the investors as well as actively traded and listed it on twelve exchanges. The quantity of the R token has a cap. They expect that there will be an increase in the usage and adoption of the R token that will make its value increase. The RVN token is the second token that they expect would become the stable inner currency of the Revain ecosystem. It will be of use to pay users that can provide authentic and quality feedbacks on the Revain platform. There may be fixed costs with RVN usage, and it may not be subject to the volatility that the exchange-listed R token may experience. The whole system will remain immutable, transparent and incorruptible because it relies on the Ethereum platform.

Because of the lack in the ability to interact with service providers physically and view the products before purchasing them online, a lot of web users turn to online reviews to validate the services and products before buying them. Information from Statista indicates that about 2/3rds of the online users check out the reviews first before buying anything. Sixty-six percent of them tend to trust the online reviews. When these reviews are inviolable, authentic and without bias, it can make the marketplace stronger. They expect the Revain platform to become linked with the blockchain technology at the second quarter of 2018. They will also incorporate the reviews for the gaming industry in the fourth quarter of 2018. The review process for the different gaming and crypto projects that they list on the Revain platform may work in two ways. First, it will afford investors and traders with an unbiased viewpoint of the different projects listed and give them the opportunity to make well-informed investment decisions. Next, it will provide incentives to project reviewers who can give authentic feedback about the outcome.

The Dashboard v0.5’s launch comes with the following new features:

There is a new buy or sell button that will direct the users to the exchange where they list the crypto-coin so that the user may purchase or sell the listed altcoin who has the reviews. In past versions, the Revain token is the only one that has the attached Buy or Sell button.

The addition of twenty new cryptocurrency projects will increase the number of cryptocurrencies listed on the Revain dashboard to eighty.

You will see the key metrics data for the first day, first week and first month by choosing the corresponding tab that you can find at the dashboard’s top right corner.

There may be some adjustments to the dashboard’s price information widgets. It will display the percentage difference between the market price to the ICO price.

About Revain

They built Revain to revolutionize online reviews with the use of blockchain technology. It has a platform with a design that can accumulate authentic user reviews on projects and startups that concluded their ICO or crowdfunding stage. The platform will bring the service to life and allow business to get genuine and detailed feedback about their projects as users share their own insights and access the experience of other people with ICOs. It will be a platform that can aggregate the information on major milestones and token dynamics listed in the development of the startup. Revain released the version 0.4 of their platform this January 2018 and targets to deliver the full release 1.0 by the second quarter of this year.

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