SingularityNET And FundRequest Partnership

According to a Sept 2016 Accenture report, AI can “double the annual economic process rate in twelve developed economies and boost labor productivity by up to 40% by 2035.” AN IDC report notes, “By 2018, 75% of developer teams will include cognitive / AI functionality in one or more applications.”

It’s no surprise corporations of all sizes–from Microsoft and Google right down to blockchain steam-powered startups–are acting on AI product, systems, and implementation.

Unfortunately, AI technology has nonetheless to hit that sweet spot wherever it’s reasonable and straightforward to use, however additionally innovative and economical. One company, SingularityNET, is developing a blockchain steam-powered platform that is a localized, open marketplace for AI service and product. The protocol is intended to facilitate AI discovery and permit anyone to search out the AI services or product they have, purchase them, and so implement them with ease.

SingularityNET is additionally utilizing AI wrapping, thereby providing an easy protocol for AI systems to exchange knowledge and parallel processes. It may enable AI systems to speak with one another, eliminating the necessity to perform menial tasks manually. The SingularityNET platform is going to be employed by corporations to assist contour procedures and immensely improve operational potency.

After an in crowdsale, SingularityNET is currently in the method of making their platform. To improve the event efforts, they recently declared a partnership with Nexus and now they need partnering with another blockchain startup within the platform creation part, FundRequest.

FundRequest may be a localized marketplace engineered for open supply collaboration. Businesses and developers transfer their requests to the marketplace and fix a financial incentive. The FundRequest community has the chance to resolve the request in exchange for the funds hooked up to that. The platform provides a secure however safe thanks to rewarding bug fixes and builds options for any project.

A Mutualist Partnership

SingularityNET is reaching to use FundRequest to supply bug bounties and compensate developers for contributions. This partnership can enable the core SingularityNET development team to specialize in the structure, whereas FundRequest’s platform is going to be wont to supply developers United Nations agency will tackle different bugs and problems that come back up on the manner. It’s way more economically economical than hiring another department to specialize in occurrence issues.

What’s additional, as a result of SingularityNET is already entirely supported open supply, desegregation the solutions planned via Fundquest are going to be straightforward. The wealth of data on the market through the localized marketplace will be controlled by SingularityNET’s team making an extremely versatile and knowledgeable AI community.

In turn, FundRequest can begin victimization SingularityNET’s marketplace to develop AI applications among its own platform. The two groups can partner along to collaborate on specific AI tools associated with the FundRequest network. So far, ideas include:

  • Bounty Discovery – freelance developers, will use AN AI search to search out jobs that best match their experience and demands.
  • Monitoring the name System – FundRequest can deploy a naming system that scores every participant primarily based on work history and reliableness. AI implementation can alter algorithms to police the system for any errors or miscalculations.
  • Help-Bots – AI technology can enable FundRequest to make help-bots United Nations agency can manage the onboarding method and agitate client service requests.
  • Disputes and Conflicts – AI-powered workflows will facilitate manage dispute flows once there area unit conflicts between funders and solvers.

Though the businesses have entirely different applications–SingularityNET for AI technology and FundRequest for crowdsourcing/funding software system development–they each run localized marketplaces. Therefore whereas the enterprises have different focuses, they will every learn from one another on what works and what doesn’t add terms of marketplace discovery and operations. The partnership additionally parades the chance of networking across industries, an occasion that was antecedent indefensible before the partnership.

The connexion of efforts by two promising blockchain startups is AN exciting prospect for each blockchain technology and AI analysis. By utilizing each other’s strengths, the SingularityNet/FundRequest partnership can enable AI contributors and firms to form the foremost of the unbelievably powerful technology.


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