SingularityNET continues to prove AI worth

Looking at the crypto market chart last April 11, 2018: , we can see that SingularityNET has reached the market capitalization of $69,310,307 USD with the exchange volume of $521,300 USD over the last 24 hours. One AGI can be purchase for $0.128970 USD which is 2.76% higher compare to April 11, 2018. It is equivalent to 0.00001881 BTC (0.75%) or 0.00030899 ETH (-2.43%). Their movement are indicated after each value respectively.

Crypto description of SingularityNET

SingularityNET is unique of its style that had efficiently use Artificial Intelligence to operate at consistent scale range. It removes some of the serious restricting components of the development of Artificial Intelligence nowadays. It allows improvement to the abilities of AI to transmit and use data properly in a large systematic network. Without this strength, there will be a function limitation for every potential that an AI can possibly provide.

A glimpse on the history

Ben GoertzelCEOJim RuttCTO Thomson-Reuters
Mitchell LoureiroCommunity LeadTrent McConaghyBigchainDB CTO
Cassio PennachinCAIODavid HansonRobotic Lead
Simone GiacomelliCBDOEberhard SchoeneburgAI expert

Today, SingularityNET is becoming the international promotional strategy for AI methods and techniques. With the help of the combined information resources, knowledge in machine functioning and blockchain assimilation, SingularityNET can transform AI the international common for everyone’s advantages.

SingularityNET is generally the best place to ask for AI support. These are the AI areas which AGI focuses more:

Cloud robotic- This particular area tends to make a precise cloud platform. The whole system prioritized the benefits of the established machines and the joint ways for robotic.

Biomedical researches- The area helps all researches about medical be quick..

Cybersecurity- This category helps protect the computers, the sites as well as the applications from different unnecessary intentions like destructions, invasions and disallowed AI used.

SingularityNET is made up of Agents with different rankings. They are those who regulate the smart contract of the system. Agents seem to be the most common nodes of the network. For the system to maintain its validity, (though not really required) agents are supposed to be ranked either scale of 0 or 1. Ranking can be done automatically by the system. Agent once successfully finish in a certain project is considered to receive a 1 ranking.

What is really nice about SingularityNET is that it aims for a long term vision. It visualizes a platform with all the connected AI expert agents. SingularitNET is best described as the bridge connection between the AI creators and users of the business who needs the service. Simply by having communication to other co-developers, Agents don’t just purchase SingularityNET but also learn new knowledges and techniques from each other. SingularityNET is really interesting because Agents can exchange and share data ideas. They can also ask support from other AI agent who they think is well-suited or expert to a certain task.

Business owners usually consult SingularityNET about their issues hoping that the AI Agents have already created best solutions.

2 thoughts on “SingularityNET continues to prove AI worth

  • May 30, 2018 at 8:49 am

    This is one of the most underrated Tokens right now and a must buy. The worlds first market for consumers. SingularityNet have been showcased on numerous TV episodes and a cameo in Silicon Valley series. Interviews with top superstars like Ronaldo and numerous other appearances. A.I is the future and SingularotyNet have first mover advantage in the blockchain world. This will be huge. Buy now while price low. Now selling for $0.14 this token will be worth easily $3-7 within the next 1-2 years and could easily reach $100 within 5 years.


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